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Only 3 Simple & Powerful Social Media Trends You Need to Use in 2023

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Only 3 Simple & Powerful Social Media Trends You Need to Use in 2023

Social media trends are just that…

Trendy, as in, things can change fast.

You & your brand also have to be quick to keep up.

Relevant strategies will keep you from falling into the dark ages.

Social media and all of our marketing efforts are still young at heart.

This can make it difficult to keep up with all the trends.

Consumers automatically expect content from brands to keep up as well.

Social media trends


You, as the marketer, need your social media strategies on point.

Content production is also a necessity AND is expected.

It can feel impossible to do…

But we have some suggestions to make your life a tad simpler.

The goal is to engage consumers and approach marketing as a ‘social‘ activity.

Start implementing these latest social media trends.

Here’s a look at the top social media trends in 2023.

Short form video really blasted through the social media realm in 2020.

While everyone was cooped up inside.

Even with quick, shorter form videos, it can be difficult for brands to hurdle production.

This is also true for your competitors.

With the majority of social media platforms have developed live-video tools to make it easier.

Videos are the new trend because consumers are showing preferences for visual stimuli.

Those who don’t do video marketing are getting left behind.

Vertical Video “Stories” Have Become the Norm

With around 96% of businesses who see video as an important part of their marketing…

It’s no wonder 91% of companies use video in their marketing strategy in 2023.

Data from

To be successful, Carrol says, brands need to, “bring audiences on the journey with them. . .

Your DTC brand customers need to feel engaged.

Social media is your opportunity to show consumers the people behind the product.

Immersive and engaging content will help you build your brand’s personality.

It will also help your content show up in organic searches, as more people engage with it.

TikTok is a Search Engine? What?

A boost on organic search listings is wonderful.

But a Google Search boost is not the only perk.

For Gen-Z, TikTok has overtaken Google Search.

This trend is beginning to seep through to older generations now too.

TikTok’s results ‘don’t seem as biased’ as Google’s…“, according to Kalley Huang.

NY Times Article: For Gen Z, TikTok Is the New Search Engine

The more you stop and think about it, the more relevant this will become real in your own life.

I do this myself, but never really thought about it until more recent research.

Aaaand, let me tell you why!

  1. Instead of having to go to Youtube, run my search, hope I chose the correct video, and then wade through some insurance ads before i even get to the video, to then have to fast-forward through MORE BS (subscribe now, cool intro music, who tf is the person talking)… blah… blah… blah…
  2. OR, I can go to Google’s Search Engine,. Naturally skipping the first handful of sponsored ads, as I know they’ll be irrelevant (yes, all those advertisers should listen to us on how to ‘properly‘ run search), I then have to cut through more malarkey and spend 10-15 mins just to finally nail down the right search I didn’t really know I was looking for.

Tiktok is becoming a bigger search engine, then google. Here is how to use TikTok as a search engine, like SEO ! #brandstrategy #startuplife #strategist #brandstrategist #creatorstrategy #contentcreation #strategy #jtbarnett #tiktoktips #startuptips #tiktoksearch

♬ Paris – 斌杨Remix

Now, why would i do all that when I can pop on over to the TikToks.

Search up something simple…

how to xxxxx…

Click the video and MAYBE have to swipe down on a few until i see what I want.


I do find what I was looking for AND also find a few different perspectives on the subject (even better!).

Quick videos.

Straight to the point.


Seriously though – life hack – start using TikTok as your search engine

You can thank me later!

Next, how are you going to make this content you ask?

How to Make Video Content

You can cash in on this craze too with no fancy camera needed.

All you need is a smartphone.

social media video content trends

The iPhone 14 has already been used to make box office films…

I think you’ll be alight using it to create some authentic content for your company.

Besides that, platforms have created tools to make video content creation easy-breezy.

And a single video can be repurposed to have a dozen other platforms all at once.

Platforms with stellar video engagement:

All these platforms offer live-features which are even better at touching your target audience.

They will even notify your followers when you’re live.

Nice having that built in.

The simplest things can make good engaging videos, so don’t be intimidated.

state of video marketing report 2023

If you run a pizza restaurant, live stream one of your pizzas being made from start to finish.

Keep your videos quick and respond to people’s comments as they come in, in real time.

Show orders being made, boxed, and shipped for your eCommerce Store.

We’ve seen brands go from zero to everything with just these types of eCommerce videos.

Best part is, they require such little effort on your part.

I’ll probably touch on this a bit more in this post, but Educational Videos.


Also known as “Edutainment” videos.

But seriously, besides marketers, nobody calls them that.

So unless you want less friends than you already have, don’t you dare call them that either.

These are really the best for any and every business though.

Take this blog post for example…

I can make a quick sub-three minute video touching on all these points I am making.

Or on this specific how to make videos topic and boom.


Turn my camera on, make sure my pretty face is in it, and hit records.

That easy folks.

People trust other people more than they will ever trust your brand.

That is why it’s important to always be authentic in your marketing.

Though this may seem difficult, it can be easy and it serves a double purpose.

The best way to get authentic content is from your customers.

Using your client’s stories and photos (with permission) have multiple benefits.

  • The original content creator will be happy with your brand
  • They will speak well of you within their networks
  • It will impress other clients that you pay attention to what your customers submit
  • Trust in your brand will increase as people trust consumers more than companies

Another perk of user submitted content?

Less for your marketing team to do!

This way, they can focus their efforts on the content quality.

While others focus on the quantity.

And to help you prioritize, quantity comes first…

If you wait for it to be perfect you’ll never publish it.

Why wont you?

Because… Guess what… It. Will. Never. Be. Perfect.


Types of Customer Content

I am sure there is a Professor of Marketing somewhere who either has or is in the process of writing a book on this topic.

They’re probably coming up with some really cool terminology too.

And the terms probably have little to do with what is actually happening.

That said, we’ve broken them down into a few different types of content.

  • Brand Generated Content (by you)
  • User Generated Content (by not you)
  • Sponsored Content (by not you, but paid for by you)

*I am no lawyer. And this is not legal advice.


It’s important to ask for permission (get it in writing) before you share any content, by not you.

With permission, anything public can be up for grabs.

Tweets, videos, photos with relevant views, positive reviews, the world is your oyster!

Since we just went over video content and how you can make it, next is UGC

UGC – Customer Content

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with content, but you still want to stay relevant.

Rounding up customers to generate content is a great way to walk that line.

Retweet things, share photos sent or posted on social media, or thank a customer for a review they’ve written.

Keep it positive and engaging with customers is a win-win.

Consumer content can serve as a boost to your social media marketing campaigns.

It also makes the customer feel like they are seeing organic, unscripted, social media content.

You can do this by:

  • Asking your customers to create content.
  • Requesting use of previously made content.
  • Running a giveaway or event in exchange for content.

These are just some simple ideas on how to do it, but I am sure you can get creative in your methods.

social media user generated content examples

La Croix’s social media channels are covered in UGC.

Brilliant strategy to rely less on brand loyalists and share content anyone has posted.

Little care as to how big, or small, the following is.

This gives their UGC an authentic feel.

A relatable vibe.

Audiences can see themselves in the imagery.

Versus trying to relate to an Influencers with 100k+ followers.

Hiring Influencers – Sponsored Content

Another way to generate lots of content is by paying for it.


You may or may not need to spend actual $$$ to hire influencers.

In fact, there are lots of Micro-Influencers who will work for free product.

A.K.A., Sponsored Content.

And with Influencer Marketing at an all time, global, high

Opportunity is ripe for the pick’n!

Data from Influencer Marketing Hub

Here’s the easiest way to hire micro-influencers:

  1. Reach out to them.
  2. Start a conversation.
  3. Request a media kit or info on their audiences (If they don’t have this kind of info, move on).
  4. Negotiate a deal.
  5. Get a signed contract.
  6. Monitor and communicate in order to get the content you want.
influencer media kit examples

Communication is such a big part of this process.

Without the right direction you could end up with some random content you can’t use.

So make sure you continue to converse with them as they shoot content for you.

Offer critiques and changes, but play nice.

Nobody likes a d!©k.

Working with micro-influencers is easier than working with the rest of the lot.

So remember patience is a virtue.

Your brand isn’t just about your products.

Social Media is the best place to show off your brand identity.

That said…

Personality is not just your products and who you are as a company.

It also needs to include the people who use your products and the contexts they’re used in.

It’s like knowing your audience, but you have to show up at the other events they go to as well.

Chiquita Banana’s content is an amazing example about how to increase instagram followers.

social trends examples

While their product is in every post, they aren’t shamelessly promoting it.

They know that their customers like to make healthy choices.

So they use that to drive their content.

Recent posts include easy recipes and health tips that are relevant to their audience’s lives.

While subtly (or not so subtly) promoting their product.

Posts with purposes other than only promoting a product are friendlier.

Friendly-feeling posts will generate more engagement and be more welcome on clients timelines.

The goal is for your customers to feel like your content is a two-way conversation, rather than a monologue.

How to Break Authenticity Barriers

You have to know your audience if you want to break the product-brand barrier.

These social media trends takes a lot of work, but the payoff is high.

Find out how consumers are using your product and in which contexts, then base content off of that.

Your posts should engage customers while still including your product.

Once you find out what is relevant to your customers…

It will be easier to edge into their social interests

To stay relevant on their timelines.

You have to keep up with the latest marketing social media trends.


Pay attention to what your clients like.

This will help you in communication to influencers on the content they make for you. 

The Ultimate Micro-Influencers

Kylie Jenner is the queen of Influencers.

But unless you have the $4 milly it costs to hire her…

You’ll need to think out of the box.

The easiest influencers to get onboard are sitting about 10 feet from you.

Figuratively if you WFH.

Your employees & co-workers are an untapped group who can post organic content at no net cost.

Assuming your employees are game, there’s no reason not to try this social media trend.

Customers trust employees more than the brand itself.

And customer opinions more than brand executives.

If you employees like your product, consumers see that as a good sign.

How to Use Employees for Organic Social Content

To get organic social posts written by your employees, they have to be happy.

Unhappy employees will generate zero press..

If not bad press.

Get your employees excited about projects you have coming up.

Encourage collaboration and engagement.

People will be more excited about something they had a part in.

Than something they heard about via email.

Let your employees know that it’s okay for them to post things about these projects on social media as well.

No one is going to share anything if they think they might lose their job or break company policy by doing it.

Well… Hopefully not! haha

Imagine how much more powerful your strategic ad campaigns would be if it was preceded by organic content.

People who see the ad after the organic content will be more likely to engage further.

Your goal for employee posts is to start organic conversations within the community.

Engagement Through Conversation

It can feel hard to keep up with social media trends.

But this next one is easier than you think.

Your number one goal for your social media accounts is not to increase eCommerce sales

Your number one goal should be to start and maintain conversations with customers.

Research shows that people join people.

Everyone wants to be a part of a tribe.

This is why engaging with consumers is so important.

managing social media brand mentions

You want consumers to see your company as a friend they can engage with.

This trend doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

Long responses aren’t necessary.

In fact…

The quicker you respond the better.

Thank consumers for sharing or answering questions.

Retweet their tweets or respond to them, ‘like‘ content, and comment on posts.

Make your customers feel appreciated for interacting with your brand in positive ways.

Conversation Speed

Lighting fast responses from brands are going to be the reality by the end of the year.

Responding quickly could change your customer’s opinions big time.

Up to 71% of customers who get quick responses will recommend that brand to their networks.

Fast responses aren’t limited to questions asked by consumers.

You can reap the benefits by engaging on any social media.

Spending time responding to your customers will be a great return on your investment in the future.

Bonus: Simplifying Your Marketing Strategies

What we’ve discussed today:

  • Creating video content
  • Getting others to create content for you
  • Building authenticity through personality and using employees

There’s no way to know what things will look like in six months or a year from now.

Predictions are getting a little wacky on a global scale these days.

Let alone, on social media.

And don’t forget, social media trends for 2022 look a lot like, social media trends 2023…

But if history is any indicator of the future, things could turn on their head quickly!

So if you ask me…

What’s the next big thing in social media?

At least these 3-topics we discussed.

Anything more and it’s just smoke.

All that said…

We’re willing to bet these social media trends will boost your payout until then.

Relevancy is key.

When it comes to relevant and up-to-date social media trends, the goal is to:

  • Create & Engage

As a manager, director, or business owner, we know you have a lot of things to juggle.

We want to make your life easier and your business more successful with our strategies.

Let us take help take the guess work out of your campaigns.

Did you try any of these social media trends?

Which one is your favorite?

Let us know!

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