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5 Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement That Actually Work

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Time To Work Toward Engagement, Rather Than Content For The Sake Of Content.

Facebook offers a wealth of opportunity to build an online presence.

The fact that 69% of US adults use Facebook is all you need to know.

If you’re trying to reach an audience then you’ll surely find it through the social networking platform.

That said, using Facebook for business isn’t what it use to be — competition is tough!

What can you do to increase Facebook engagement?

What strategies offer ample returns when using the platform?

Get these answers, and so much more, in the details below:

1. Share Something Worth Sharing

Many Facebook business pages start, get spammed with links, and then are forgotten.

This tends to happen because their owners never had something good to share with their community.

The page’s feed became a dumping ground.

What’s worth sharing is wholly dependent on the community you’re building.

How do you figure out what people want?

You can dig through analytics and use data to guide your decision.

You can also take a look at competitor pages to see what works.

Or, you can simply ask people what they want from you.

Once you know, it’s then a matter of creating/finding that content and building your FB strategy around it.

2. Quality Over Quantity

The quality over quantity concept goes back to our #1 in that you need to share the good stuff.

You’ve got to understand that people see over 5,000 ads every day.

This is a ton of saturation!

Much of it goes unnoticed but even a small amount of engagement can lead to brand fatigue.

You don’t want that association.

So, what do you do to focus on quality posting?


  • Set up a schedule so you’re publishing when they’re most likely to engage
  • Prune what’s shared so only the best remain vs a feed that’s a mish-mash of quality

Investing a little extra time into each shared item can do wonders for engagement.

So, spend that extra on better images or stronger copywriting.

Condense all the social media tactics you know into that one thing you’re sharing.

3. Funnel to Facebook

People have their preferred platforms and so your audience is likely scattered around the Web.

What you should do is try to bring them all together to Facebook by funneling them there.

Get your FB page link shared on:

  • The main site (in the sidebar and as CTAs)
  • On social media bios and profiles
  • Included in media and ad campaigns

Strive to make your Facebook presence a central hub of activity.

This attracts those who love you most and this will lead to an active community.

The activity will make it so much easier to engage.

4. Use Facebook Ad Tools

Facebook offers a bunch of paid methods to increase your engagement.

This can include:

…and a bunch of other content formats worth exploring as you explore the platform.

By sharing your best stuff, you now have better metrics on the audience.

You can then amplify those messages through paid promotion.

Every successful campaign builds off the last, creating a blueprint for your success.

Increase Facebook Engagement and Amplify Your Brand

Many people struggle with their Facebook pages.

They also run into hiccups with its ad platform.

We’re here to tell you that you, yes you, can increase Facebook engagement.

All that’s needed is perseverance, good resources, and a guiding hand.

We’ve shared a few of our top strategies for Facebook to get you started.

What comes after you’ve done the basics?

Well, let’s talk and discuss strategy.

The experts here at our Facebook advertising agency have an incredible knack for delivering exceptional results.

We’d love for you to experience this, too.

Don’t wait for success.

Reach out and get in touch, let’s make success happen!

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