What You Need to Know to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign

By Sam Sprague

December 21, 2020

According to statistics, 78% of Americans can be reached via ads on Facebook, and 75% of Instagram users take action (e.g., visiting a site or making a purchase) after seeing an ad.

These are just some of the numbers that show the power of social media. Social platforms can allow you to reach highly segmented target audiences, gain brand exposure, and build a following.

However, to achieve these outcomes, you need to know how to launch a successful social media campaign. Random posting won’t cut it, so stick with us as we outline exactly what you need to know to nail your brand’s campaign strategy.

Defining Your Goal Is Key

The first step to launching a killer campaign on social media is defining your campaign goal. This is essential, as without a clear goal:

  • Your campaign will be uninformed and lack direction
  • You won’t know what actions you want consumers to take
  • You won’t be able to measure your success

There are a number of different goals you can choose for your campaign. You might want to increase brand awareness, drive followers, generate leads, or ramp up sales numbers.

Whichever your goal is, your campaign strategy will need to be tailored towards it to generate results.

SEO Is Important

Before you launch your social media campaign, it’s important that you look into SEO. Each social media platform has its own algorithm, and you want to make sure your posts cater to each one’s ranking factors.

For instance, Instagram users hashtags, Youtube is powered by tags and keywords, and Facebook page optimization plays a big role in visibility.

You Should Scope Out the Competition

Scoping out the competition is always important, and especially so when it comes to social media marketing. Start by finding your competition’s pages and analyzing their posts.

What type of content are they posting? Is it how-to based, humorous, or promotional? What type of posts do they get the best engagement from?

What’s more, do they have gaps in their strategy that you could fill? By digging into competitor profiles, you can pinpoint what they are doing wrong, what they are doing right, and formulate your strategy so that it tops their efforts.

Balancing Promotion and Entertainment Is Essential

At the end of the day, social media marketing for brands is all about promotion. However, this doesn’t mean that all of your content needs to be promotional.

In most cases, consumers will give higher levels of engagement to content that is non-promotional. Therefore you must balance self-promotion with entertainment and value.

Do You Need Help With Your Social Media Campaign?

Social media offers brands the chance to reach new audiences, tap into targeted advertising, and build trust and community. The basic tenants of launching a social media campaign are identifying your goal, catering to SEO, topping the competition, and providing value.

However, implementing successful social media marketing and campaigns can be time-intensive.

Short on time and hungry for optimized results? If yes, book a free audit with us, and our team will do a deep dive into your analytics to create a 3-month customized social media marketing plan for your brand.

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