Social Media Trends For Local Businesses In 2020 [Updated 2022]

When it comes to social media trends, things change fast and you have to be quick. Is your strategy relevant or are you still in the dark ages? Social media is young and it can be hard to keep up with the trends that come with it. Consumers expect different content on each platform, so …

Social media concept

When it comes to social media trends, things change fast and you have to be quick.

Is your strategy relevant or are you still in the dark ages?

Social media is young and it can be hard to keep up with the trends that come with it.

Consumers expect different content on each platform, so you need to have different strategies and some social media trends only work on one platform. You also need to produce different content for the specific platforms.

It can feel impossible to stay relevant with your media marketing, but we have some suggestions to make it easier. The goal is to engage consumers and approach marketing as a group activity.

Here’s a look at the top social media trends of 2020.


2020 is going to be the year of videos, with the majority of social networks developing and debuting live-video tools.

Videos are the new trend because consumers are showing preferences for visual stimuli. Those who don’t do video marketing this year are going to get left behind.

John Carroll who works at Yelp agrees that the video trend will be huge this year. In a new article, he suggests that the more immersive and interactive the video the better.

Classic advertising involves the brand showing the consumer how great their product is. Now we’re learning that customers want to engage with brands instead.

To be successful, Carrol says, brands need to, “bring audiences on the journey with them. . . ” The customers need to feel engaged. Social media marketing is your opportunity to show consumers the people behind the product.

Immersive and engaging content will help you build your brand’s personality. It will also help your content show up in organic searches, as more people engage with it.

A boost on organic search listings is wonderful, but that is not the only perk. The more people engage with it, the more organic engagement it will generate. People trust what others like more than they do something in a paid search.

How to Make Video Content

You can cash in on this craze too with no fancy camera needed. All you need is a recent smartphone to use Facebook or Instagram’s live video features.

Facebook notifies followers when you’re live so you have an audience built in. The simplest things can make good engaging videos, so don’t be intimidated.

For example, if you run a pizza restaurant, live stream one of your pizzas being made from start to finish. Keep your videos quick and respond to people’s comments as they come in real time.

Customer Content

People trust other people more than they will ever trust your brand. That is why it’s important to always be authentic in your marketing. Though this may seem difficult, it can be easy and it serves a double purpose.

The best way to get authentic content is from your clients. Using your client’s stories and photos (with permission) has multiple benefits.

  • The original content creator will be happy with your brand
  • They will speak well of you within their networks
  • It will impress other clients that you pay attention to what your customers submit
  • Trust in your brand will increase as people trust consumers more than companies

Another perk of user submitted content?

Less for your marketing team to do.

This way, they can focus their efforts on quality over quantity when it comes to marketing content.

Types of Customer Content

It’s important to ask for permission before you share consumer content. With permission, anything public can be up for grabs.

Tweets, Instagram’s, pictures with relevant views, positive reviews, the world is your oyster!

You don’t want to overwhelm your clients with content, but you still want to stay relevant. Consumer content is a great way to walk that line.

Retweet things, share photos sent or posted on social media or thank a customer for a review they’ve written. Keep it positive and engaging with customers is a win-win.

Consumer content can serve as a boost to your advertising campaign. It also makes the customer feel like they are seeing organic, unscripted, social media content.

Break Barriers

Your brand isn’t just about your products. On social media platforms, your brand needs to have a personality.

Now, your brand personality needs to involve more than your products and who you are as a company. It also needs to include the people who use your products and the contexts they’re used in.

It’s like knowing your audience, but you have to show up at the other events they go to as well.

Chiquita Banana’s Instagram is a great example. While their product is in every post, they aren’t shamelessly promoting it.

They know that their customers like to make healthy choices, so they use that to drive their content. Recent posts include easy recipes and health tips that are relevant to their audience’s lives, while subtly promoting their product.

Posts with purposes other than only promoting a product are friendlier. Friendly-feeling posts will generate more engagement and be more welcome on clients timelines.

The goal is for your clients to feel like your content is a two-way conversation, rather than a monologue.

How to Break Barriers

You have to know your audience if you want to break the product-brand barrier. This social media trend takes a lot of work, but the payoff is high.

Find out how consumers are using your product and in which contexts, then base content off of that. Your posts should engage clients while still including your product.

Once you find out what is relevant to your clients, it will be easier to edge into their social interests. To stay relevant on their timelines, you have to keep up with social media trends.

Also, paying attention to what your clients like will help you know where to place relevant Facebook ads. 


Kylie Jenner is the queen of social media trends, but not everyone can afford to get an endorsement from her.

The influencers you’re looking for are sitting about 10 feet from you. Your employees are an untapped group who can post organic content at no net cost. Assuming your employees are game, there’s no reason not to try this social media trend.

Clients trust employees and client opinions more than brand executives. If you employees like your product, consumers see that as a good sign.

How to Use Employees for Organic Social Content

To get organic social posts written by your employees, they have to be happy. Unhappy employees will generate zero press, if not bad press.

Get your employees excited about projects you have coming up. Encourage collaboration and engagement. People will be more excited about something they had a part in than something they heard about via email.

Let your employees know that it’s okay for them to post things about these projects on social media as well. No one is going to share anything if they think they might lose their job or break company policy by doing it.

Imagine how much more powerful your strategically placed Facebook ad would be if it was preceded by organic content.

People who see the ad after the organic content will be more likely to engage further.

Your goal for employee posts is to start organic conversations within the community.

Engagement through Conversation

It can feel hard to keep up with social media trends, but this next one is easier than you think.

Your number one goal for your social media accounts is not to increase sales. Your number one goal should be to start and maintain conversations with clients, says Santosh Kanekar. 

We know from research on marketing, that people join people. This is why engagement with consumers is so important. You want consumers to see your company as a friend they can engage with.

This trend doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Long responses aren’t necessary. In fact, the quicker you respond the better.

Thank consumers for sharing or answer their questions. Retweet their tweets or respond to them, like content, and comment on Instagram posts.

Make your clients feel appreciated for interacting with your brand in positive ways.

Conversation Speed

Lighting fast responses from companies is going to be the reality by the end of this year.

Responding quickly to consumers could change your customer’s opinions big time. Up to 71% of customers who get quick responses will recommend that brand to their networks.

Fast responses aren’t limited to questions asked by consumers. You can reap the benefits by engaging on any social media.

Spending time responding to your customers will be a great return on your investment in the future.

Social Media Trends Going Forward

The social media trends we’ve discussed are relevant now but they might not last the year.

There’s no way to know what things will look like in six months or a year on social media. We’re willing to bet these social media trends will boost your payout until then.

When it comes to relevant and up-to-date social media trends, the goal is to engage.

As a business owner, we know you have a lot of things to juggle. We want to make your life easier and your business more successful with our strategies.

Let your marketing department keep up with social media trends. Let us take the guess work out of your Facebook ad campaign by scheduling a strategy session today.

Did you try any of these social media trends?

Which one is your favorite?

Let us know!





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