Marketing & Sales Funnels: The Perfect Match for Unbeatable Facebook Ads Campaigns

Marketing & Sales Funnels: The Perfect Match for Unbeatable Facebook Ads Campaigns Understanding Your Target Audience is the Most Important Part of Making this Work for You It all starts with a simple search on Facebook or Google… Maybe you discovered a new brand, checked their online store, and more than one product peaked your interest. Or …

marketing sales funnels the perfect match for unbeatable facebook ads
Marketing & Sales Funnels: The Perfect Match for Unbeatable Facebook Ads Campaigns

Understanding Your Target Audience is the Most Important Part of Making this Work for You

It all starts with a simple search on Facebook or Google…

Maybe you discovered a new brand, checked their online store, and more than one product peaked your interest.

Or you saw a Facebook or Instagram ad, a video or a sequence of pics of the same product in different colors.

You click.

You’re directed to a landing or product page, check out the pics, read the description, and see the price.

Looks great.

It’s exactly what you were looking for.

Just when everything seems ready to complete the purchase, life happens.

A phone call.

An instant message demanding your attention right about now.

Even a meme or other notification.

No matter if you’re using your desktop computer, your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Your attention goes away, and the retailer’s sale did as well.

Things get worse if you’re the seller.

On the other side, you just see the lack of sales.

And the round of “what ifs” start:

What if the products are not attractive enough?

What if they’re just too expensive?

What if… you name it.

Although we can’t address enough the importance of properly optimized landing and product pages, with high quality photos and attractive copy, maybe this time it wasn’t you.

Not even them.

It was life and the fact that we’re so “connected” all the time through any device that our attention span lasts a few seconds.

With luck.

Let’s face it, better now than never: no matter how awesome your products are, or even how much they need them, you can’t compete with the Grumpy Cat or Doug The Pug.


Even less with a text message from their crush, their boss or a parent asking for something.

So how on earth can you compete for your potential buyer’s attention?

Short answer: you don’t.

Long answer: keep reading.

The key, a match made in heaven: marketing and sales funnels with Facebook ads.

With Facebook and Instagram ads, you attract the potential buyer’s attention and bring that qualified traffic to your website.

If they buy, great!

But let’s not leave it there. Two, five or ten purchases are better than one, right?

That’s where a properly set up sales funnel comes in.

Do you feel the big but coming?

As many as 50% of leads are not ready to buy when they first make contact with your business.

You have two choices:

  1. Give up and close your online store

  2. Embrace that reality and implement the necessary adjustments to convert those lost visitors into customers.

Facebook ads will bring those people to your ecommerce store, and email marketing is there to help you keep them, whether they buy today or later on.

Radicati states that the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 281 billion in 2018.

More than 85% of adults send or read emails.

That’s only in the US.

Imagine selling to the US and the rest of the world through eCommerce.

Not bad, right?

It’s ideal to add touch points to meet your audience at different stages and moments, since putting content in multiple channels can increase views by 8x on average!

Let’s see how advertising on Facebook works together with email marketing to drive sales to your eCommerce:



TOFU: Top of the Funnel

If you’re into healthy eating or love Japanese food, you may have gotten an idea of what to cook for tonight’s dinner.

Well, food references apart, we’re not talking about that 😉

Here are the people that most likely have never heard of your eCommerce.

Those that belong to your target audience, are in need of what you’re offering and willing to buy.

But they need to know you’re out there.

And that you understand their needs and expectations.



Let them see who you are through ads that raise awareness and spark their interest in your brand.

This is where content marketing comes.

You can take them to a blog post that speaks about a specific need:

“10 must-have accessories for first time runners”

“How to teach your dog to follow your lead when going out”

An article that talks about something that bothers your ideal client right now can attract lots of visitors that will convert to qualified leads -or customers, because yes, there might be purchases in that first visit.

Ads with pictures of the most popular products of the season, a specific category of products (bags, shoes, jewelry) can also work on this primary stage.

Let’s not forget about video ads.

For them to work, they need to grab people’s attention instantly, offering something they might find valuable:

  • Nuggets with useful information

  • Compelling story

  • Even a good laugh.

The key is engaging your target audience on a more personal level.


MOFU: Middle of the Funnel

In this stage, people are more ready to pay attention and listen what you can do for them.

They already know who you are and have seen something for them in your products and website.

They are already considering alternatives to fulfill a specific need, and you’re among them.

But keep in mind they’re also checking other vendors, and need more reasons to decide you’re the best choice.



What can you offer to people on the MOFU?

In this stage, they may or may not ready to buy, but they’re willing to hear more from you, in any of these ways:

  • Sign-up to a newsletter

  • Participate in a raffle/promotion

  • Download a free resource available in your website

  • Free trial, etc.

So in your ads you can promote your newsletter, stating clearly the kind of content they’ll receive and how often.

Or you’re running a special promotion (seasonal like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s).

Is there a downloadable resource visitors can get for free if they add their name and email address?

Spread the word on Facebook ads!

Facebook video ads come to the rescue on this stage, as well.

Since people are already considering buying from you, a short video explaining your customer’s pain points and how your products come with a solution might be something worth trying.

This can also work in the next stage.

The goal here is to attract their interest enough for them to willingly – and joyfully – provide their contact information to keep in touch.

After that happens, you’ll keep them coming back to your website.

And through retargeting campaigns, they’ll keep seeing you and your products on Facebook and the web.



In a fully optimized website, conversions are not only sales.

Conversions are specific actions you wanted them to take: sign-up to the newsletter, to access a promotion, receive a coupon, to contact you…

Actions that eventually will become become sales (“Patience you must have” – Yoda).


Now you have their email address.

They raised their hand to say “I want to hear and learn more of this brand. I’m interested enough to let you in my inbox and my day”.

So in this stage is crucial you offer valuable, useful content. It’s time to nurture that new relationship without being pushy or to insistent.

Otherwise, they’ll go away.

This time, for good.

Make sure to adjust email marketing campaigns and automations to the ways they interact with your e-store and your brand.

Did they sign up a few months ago, but no purchase yet?

Or it’s been over 6 months since the last time they placed an order?

Which products is he/she more interested in?

Has she placed more than one order in less than a month?

Offer incentives, re-engage, make them feel appreciated. It’ll pay big time.


BOFU: Bottom of the Funnel

Here there are less people, but closer to complete the purchase.

They already decided to buy from you, or plan to do so very soon.

For any of the reasons listed above, or just life getting in the way, they may be part of the 72% of buyers that abandon their shopping carts without buying.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want your products, so give them a hand and remind them, with Facebook ads and email marketing.



Contextual and specific information are key in this stage.

Did they come and saw a specific product, but left without buying?

Bring them back with retargeting campaigns.

An exclusive discount can give them the final reason they needed to complete the purchase with you instead of your competitors.

The more you know about this person, the better.

At this point, it’s not only demographics or interest, also buying behavior.

  • Did he see over 5 pages (products, blogs) and then left?

  • Or did she visit your e-store and bought right away?

  • Are there holidays coming up?

  • Birthdays?

  • Anniversaries?

Maybe you need to boost your sales a little bit during a low season, and you can offer discounts of specific products or free shipping.

Video ads explaining how a product works, highlighting specific features, or seeing the product “in action” can attract your audience’s attention and help them make the decision to buy.

Did any of your products receive a positive review lately?

Make sure the Facebook world knows about it!

According to a BrightLocal survey, ‘93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not.’

So if there are buyers talking about how amazing your products, your business and customer experience is, potential buyers need – and deserve – to know.

Believe it or not, eCommerce could take better advantage of this powerful marketing tool in Facebook ads campaigns.



Just like with Facebook ads, the key in this stage is to leverage the knowledge of your audience – actual and potential buyers.

Use the power of segmentation and personalization.

Email service providers (such as Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, ActiveCampaign and others) allow you to save certain information of subscribers.

If not, you can always ask them in the signup forms.

Make sure to consider in your lead nurturing strategy:

  • Product preferences

  • Categories

  • Content they find more interesting

  • Birthdays and other important dates

  • Buying behavior (how many orders has he placed in the last 3 months, for example)

  • Buying habits (how fast does she complete the purchase, or if she needs discounts and seasonal sales)

  • Reason for subscribing (download a free resource, a contest), and more information available

The mistake far too many eCommerce brands commit is to think that the process ends with the sale.

In the short term, maybe, but if you wish to build a thriving eCommerce business that stays in the market for longer, that’s the wrong mindset.

One sale can become two, five, ten and so on.

And this is especially important: more customers.

People spread the word about products and the customer experience. If it’s satisfactory, they’ll speak with their family, friends, coworkers.

Do you see the potential there?





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