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4 Creative Ideas for Your eCommerce Brand to Stand Out on Facebook

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4 Creative Ideas for Your eCommerce Brand to Stand Out on Facebook

Social media is a crowded market. 

Everyone is there to hang out, have conversations, and businesses use them to sell their products all the time. 

Social networks know this well, and the algorithms are more sophisticated now, making sure people spend most of their time there. 

Facebook, Instagram and company ensure that by showing users relevant content, with a high potential of engagement.

Whether it’s with videos gone viral, tutorials, informational content, Facebook groups and pages, they want to keep your attention. And, fun fact! You have about 2 seconds to convince someone to stop scrolling. If not less… 

Competing with cute cat videos and memes is hard, but eCommerce businesses can stand out on social media. With content that grabs their audience’s attention to stop their scrolling, and then, read and engage. 

Here are 3 ideas for you to start implementing now:

Lifestyle Images

One of the main challenges of selling products in the digital age is that people are not seeing or touching your products before purchasing. They can’t get the “feels”. Remember, it’s not only about the product itself, but about how it looks on them and how it makes them feel…

That’s why the product with a white or transparent background might look great in your online store – the design looks cleaner – but it becomes more difficult for your potential customer to envision it in their own reality. That’s when lifestyle images come into play.

In the example below, on the left you have the white background image, and the image on the right is the lifestyle image. The product is being used by a lucky cat!

miacara cat basket


Here are great examples of lifestyle images:

Colors, branding, look & feel… it all comes together in these images that intend to awaken positive emotions in a potential customer.

This way, it’s a lot easier for potential customers to “see” the product in their homes, and “see” their own cat enjoying the experience.

Customer images/videos

You may be asking if this is a good idea, since customers’ images and videos are not the same quality as the ones in your website and social media.

Do you remember the last video that went viral, and you may have enjoyed and shared? 

There’s something interesting about most viral videos: their quality is very low.

With this we’re not saying you should start lowering the quality of the content you share on social media, but for some reason user generated content creates more engagement and brand recognition.


And why not give your customers the opportunity to shine in your social networks? That can help you to:

  • Attract more fans/followers organically
  • Generate more engagement
  • Build trust among potential customers considering to buy that product
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty

Video tutorials

How many times have you searched for tutorials on YouTube?

Video tutorials showing how to use your products can go a long way in generating engagement, helping the potential customers to envision themselves using that product and, of course, get more sales.

These can be professional videos or user generated content, as long as it shows your product “in action”. And bonus tip: unless more explanation is needed, the shorter, the better.

See the example below about the self stirring cup. Short and sweet.


Video is here for the long run in the digital age. Just like we mentioned before, it can be harder for your customers to “see” and “feel” your products before buying. 

Buying is, and always will be, an emotional experience. So brands and smaller businesses are using Lives on social media to show interested people how their products look like, how they work and where/when they can be used.

Here are some examples you can get inspiration from:

Our #FacebookLive with Jen Atkin of Ouai Haircare and Christophe Robin Paris – SEPHORA

Bringing you adorable puppies ALL day

These are good example of how to keep your audience engaged, educated and thinking of your brand, regardless of the current circumstances.

And to generate additional engagement and sales, businesses can make discounts and other offers available only for those that attended the live session.

This helps a lot to keep track of how effective this channel is in generating leads, sales, and revenue.

Bonus: Content for Facebook And Instagram Ads

This content can boost your PPC campaign results. Especially if investing in PPC is an ongoing strategy, people will eventually get bored of the same ad and creatives.

We don’t want that.

So, how about testing out these ideas? Check which ones generate more traction, and make them an ad.

You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Remember, we’re here for you. Sprague Media is here to help you with creatives and campaigns that significantly increase your performance. Contact us to discuss.

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