Why Fortune-Tellers Are Not Good For Business

By Sam Sprague

April 22, 2020

I was in a state of panic; shell-shocked…

This month, ten years ago I was walking through the desert.

Beyond all the dirt, rocks, and sand we had traveled, up popped a lush palm grove…

We entered, and to our amazement was a beautiful building.

As we stepped through the seamless vail we had managed to run into the proprietor of this property…

For the life of me, I cannot remember his name.  But what I can remember is his eyes!

That and his hair. He had mixed colored eyes, one blue, the other green. And a very distinct white strip of hair, on the top of his head.

From my understanding, it would be very difficult to recreate this without genetics and in this being the case it gave him a certain mysteriousness.

You know what I am talking about?

Like weird but in a good way!?!

Very nice man. Turns out he was a fortune teller…

So, of course, I am going to have a reading (…who the hell wouldn’t?)!!

He read my palm, didn’t ask me any questions, turned over some peculiar (tarot possibly?) cards and proceeded to unmask my future.

He said by the time I was 25 (I was 22 then), I would be having my 2nd, of 4 total, children.  Be married to my high school sweet heart, and have a very poor business…

He said my business would be okay for a while but never make it off the ground.

Needless to say, I was in a tizzy (do ppl use this word?) for the next few weeks.

I mean, wouldn’t you be?

A strange man, in a VERY strange place, which emitted a gaze of trustworthiness, just told me my future… What I was going to amount to and how I would be spending my life!!

This is not how I had envisioned it!

Not that I didn’t want kids or to be married!  In fact, I hadn’t even thought about any sort of business at this point in my life…

…frankly, I was just trying to get out of the bloody desert!

It took me a few years to finally come to grips with reality.  As weird as this whole encounter was, this man was off kilter and threw me for one helluva loop!

I imagine him having done this a time or two; if he’s still breathing I bet he is still acting in this same capacity (if it ain’t broke…).

What Does This Have To Do With Anything?

I was recently watching SportsNation on ESPN and saw Gary Vaynerchuk talking about the “Big Ballers” brand.

This is actually what reminded me of this story, in fact.

I am sure most of us have heard of LaVar Ball if you haven’t google him, outspoken father of some seriously talented basketball kids.

Mar 4, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lavar Ball, father of UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball (2), reacts at the end of the game against the Washington State Cougars at Pauley Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-337370 ORIG FILE ID: 20170304_lbm_am8_044.JPG

Anyways, he has little to no filter, but he also DOES NOT CARE!

That’s where most of us are held back… Because we worry about what others think. Through all the phone calls and strategy sessions I‘ve had with entrepreneurs, this seemed to be one of the biggest items that kept them from either going further or even setting out on their journey in the first place.

Socially, we care about what others think. We want to fit in. We want people to like us.

But like Gary says, “…if you just don’t care about what anybody else thinks, I promise you will succeed much more in life when you can close the noise from the outside and focus on your own stuff.”

Here’s a link to the episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCr4pb0_rg4

This is exactly what I did. I turned off this word moment in my life. I tuned out what I THOUGHT everyone else was saying, and just focused on me!

I tell you what…

It worked!  It’s a really great feeling too!

Of course, every now and then we have to remind ourselves. Go back to those moments and have the conversation with ourselves…

Does it matter?  Really, does it?

Who Gives a Shit!!

If you care about what others think and don’t live out your dream, you lose… If you don’t care and hustle your ass off, you may still lose in the short run, but I GUARANTEE you’ll win in the long-run.

Even now. Even if you are already successful. Don’t let the chirping birds get in your head…

“The Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep” – Tywin Lannister (…for all you GOT nerds ?)

Sam Sprague Administrator
CEO & Founder , Sprague Media
Sam is the Founder & CEO of Sprague Media. He has over 10 years of experience in the Digital & Social Media Marketing world, on the agency and client-side. A Marine Veteran and Father, Sam is an avid Football and Basketball connoisseur who likes nothing better than to spend quarantine watching games!
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