Why We Love Marketing Automation (And You Should, Too!)

By Sam Sprague

March 04, 2020


Is Marketing Automation new?


Marketing Automation has been around forever.

It’s just technology has finally made it applicable to the little guy.

Big companies have been using marketing automation for years, it’s just folks like you & me haven’t been able to afford it.

So now that we have the same tools at a relatively low price point, we can ALL utilize marketing automation within our business.

Most businesses previously viewed marketing automation as their ‘employees‘.

Isn’t that fun to think about?

Employees ran everything and delegating tasks to them would automate the process.

The first real automating process that you are all familiar with is the self-checkout. Now a single cashier can manage eight self-checkout lanes, instead of one cashier on one checkout station.

Automation doesn’t stand on its own. It’s made up of systems and sequences that integrate with each other for maximum efficiency and productivity.

When you use these systems, in congruence with these sequences and tools, we call that a stack.

Example: If someone purchases a product from an e-commerce store, they trigger an email, and that email then gets sent out to them.

Example: When someone opts into a lead magnet an email sequence begins to then move the lead through the sales funnel.

The purpose is to move strangers to promoters, that way, you can scale as fast as possible.


The three goals of marketing automation are to acquire leadsengage leads, and close leads.

That’s the automation system in a nutshell. Everything you do in marketing automation will fall into one of these three categories.

Having this foundation in place will save you a ton of stress, heartache, and time!

This is why marketing automation is so important.

There are many people out there that have no idea where to start or how to implement marketing automation.

They see small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups growing incredibly fast and just don’t understand how they are doing it…

…the difference in what they are doing and what you are doing is automating their sales processes to be able to scale their business.

Your business needs to be the vehicle that facilitates the customer journey.

You are the driver of the vehicle.

You are the visionary.

In order to get the vehicle moving, and begin implementing your visions, you will need a motor…


Your motor is your automation.

It’s the central processing unit of your entire system.

It’s the central part in which all processes receive rules and triggers in how to act and react.

Receiving inputs and creating desired outputs.

This allows you to then just focus on the inputs. You know if you hit the gas pedal (input), your vehicle will move forward (output).

What else does your vehicle move?

How about oil?


The oil is your lubricant, your processes.

Your vehicle cannot function without the right processes in place to keep the vehicle working properly.

The better defined those processes are, the higher the quality of oil you have.

When processes become outdated or ineffective you run the risk of damaging your motor.

Have you or anyone you worked with ever heard the saying, “Well, we’ve always done it this way!”

Yeah – this is meant for that guy!

Sometimes you need to check, or even change, the oil.

This is equivalent to analyzing and optimizing those processes.

Finding new, better, or updated tools for the jobs you require.

Make small changes to the processes in order for them to operate at a higher level.

Starting to see how the automation and processes need to work in tandem? One cannot function without the other.

If you have a motor but no oil, it’ll burn up.

If you have oil but no motor, you’ll be sitting in a broken-down vehicle trying to figure out why it won’t work.

This is the foundation that needs to be set so you can, at the very least… move!


Now you need a frame for your vehicle.

The frame is the framework (easy right!).

The framework allows you to implement your processes.

So now your processes are confined within the framework that regulates the way and sequence in which they are executed.

It’s the underlying structure of your entire system.

The motor generates the output from the processes. And the framework creates movement from the output of the motor.

Basically – Your framework is how you get things done.

Now the vehicle is prepped and ready for forward progression.

So now you are going to need fuel.


What is the fuel?

The fuel is your marketing strategy.

The marketing expertise should come from your business. There is not some 3rd party or self-help guru that can do this for you.

It doesn’t matter if all you do is the operations and that requires you to build rockets all day…

NOBODY outside of your business should know more about YOUR marketing strategy or how to market your business than you.

Without a strategy, you have no fuel and thus, no progression.

There are many people out there that have a beautiful car with an empty tank.

And instead of trying to fill it with fuel (implement a strategy) they are looking to replace the motor…

They think, oh maybe I need an oil change!..

They’re looking to put air in the tires…

They’re looking everywhere else, except for where they should be looking – their strategy!

It’s your strategy that fuels everything.

The strategy IS your fuel and the type of strategy determines the type of fuel.

So the better your strategy, the better your fuel.

Developing a top-notch strategy will also help you determine which tools you should be using. The strategy is the fuel and the tools are the quality of the fuel.

Understanding these basic principles will help you develop your marketing automation plan and create a well-oiled marketing automation infrastructure.

Here is a glimpse of what an eCommerce Marketing Automation Eco-System looks like (from Ezra Firestone)…

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