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Ecommerce Straight Talk: Season 1 – Episode 3

This weeks episode we’re discussing:

  • Your favorite classic movies could soon be adding product placement… Do you think this will be an effective way of marketing?
  • With this increase in growth for Snapchat and now that their user base is more Android user than iPhone… How can Ecommerce brands leverage this insight?
  • 15,000 influencers are launching new products lines… How do you think this will impact future influencer marketing campaigns?
  • Discounted or resold furniture has had recent success for the simple reason that people moved a lot amid the pandemic… Do you feel we’ll continue to see consistent sales in the resale industry?
  • In addition to the pandemic, population dispersion has had a large effect on retail stores – included mostly in this are Malls… Do you think retail will make a come back as we start getting back to “Normal”?

Ecommerce Straight Talk: Season 1 – Episode 2

This weeks episode of Ecommerce Straight Talk we discuss:

  • What we were really watching out for was iOS 14.5’s AppTracking Transparency, what does this mean for brands and advertisers?
  • Retail sales spike almost 10% in March, what has led to an increase in Retail sales?
  • Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO, what does this mean for Amazon moving forward?
  • Facebook announced its moving into audio formats (like Clubhouse). Do you think Facebook will have success with this new format?
  • Blockchain is allowing high-end brands another way of certifying original products, how do you think this will have a major effect on knock-offs and copycats?
  • Has the pandemic paved the way for higher ticket items being purchased through digital channels?

Ecommerce Straight Talk: Season 1 – Episode 1

In our first ever Ecommerce Straight Talk episode, we discuss:

  • How inventory delays affect marketing efforts and what to do about it.
  • How engaging with customers on social media improves customer satisfaction and brand image.
  • What to expect when moving business focus away from Amazon and into your own site.
  • How to manage advertising budgets.

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