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Newsletter: Leveraging Video Content To Sell More Products


As we continue to ride the waves into the summer, it’s time to turn our attention to a marketing strategy that’s hotter than a midday sun at the beach.

This week in the DTC Newsletter, we’re putting the spotlight on video content.

And no, we’re not talking about your Dad’s old vacation home videos.

We’re diving into the deep end of eCommerce video marketing.

So, grab your popcorn, put on your 3D glasses, and let’s roll the film!

The Rise of Video Content in eCommerce

Video content is taking the eCommerce world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s engaging, it’s dynamic, and it’s incredibly effective at driving conversions.

But like any good movie, a successful video marketing strategy requires a solid script, a talented cast, and a little bit of movie magic.

The Power of Video Content

Video content is like the superhero of your marketing strategy.

It’s powerful, it’s captivating, and it has the ability to save the day (or your conversion rates).

From building trust with your audience to showcasing your products in action, video ads are a game-changer for eCommerce brands.


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    Types of eCommerce Video Content

    Just like there are different genres of movies, there are different types of eCommerce video content.

    Product videos are like your action films – they’re exciting, they’re engaging, and they showcase your product in all its glory.

    How-to videos are your documentaries – they’re informative, they’re helpful, and they show your customers how to get the most out of your products.

    Customer testimonials are your biopics – they’re real, they’re authentic, and they tell a story about your customers’ experiences.

    And behind-the-scenes videos are your behind-the-scenes extras…

    They give your audience a glimpse into the making of your products and the people behind your brand.

    Creating Engaging eCommerce Videos

    Creating engaging eCommerce videos is like directing a blockbuster movie.

    You don’t a high-quality production studio to make them though…

    You only need a compelling script and a clear call to action!

    Remember, the best movies aren’t just about the special effects – they’re about telling a story that resonates with the audience.

    So, make sure your videos tell a story that your customers want to be a part of.

    Optimizing Video Content for Social Media

    Optimizing your video content for social media is like choosing the right movie trailer – it’s all about grabbing attention and sparking interest.

    From creating eye-catching thumbnails to crafting compelling captions, there are plenty of ways to make your videos stand out on social media.

    And just like a well-timed plot twist, a well-optimized video can make your audience stop scrolling and start watching.

    Remember, the goal isn’t just to get views – it’s to engage your audience and drive them to take action.

    So, make sure your videos are optimized for social media success.

    Measuring the Success of Your Video Content

    Measuring the success of your video content is like checking the box office numbers – it shows you how well your movie is doing.

    From view count and engagement rate to click-through rate and conversion rate, there are plenty of metrics to track.

    But remember, the goal isn’t just to make a blockbuster – it’s to make a movie that resonates with your audience.

    Case Study: Successful Video Content Strategies

    Just like we love a good behind-the-scenes look at our favorite movies, we also love a good Video ads case study.

    This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Taxa Outdoors, an innovator in the travel trailer and overlanding industries.

    Taxa Outdoors: Driving Sales and Brand Awareness Through Video Ads

    Taxa Outdoors faced a unique challenge.

    With a high price-point and a long sales cycle, we needed a strategy that would not only increase sales but also boost brand awareness.

    Our solution?

    A two-pronged approach that combined engagement campaigns with conversion campaigns.

    First, we cast a wide net, using engagement campaigns to highlight Taxa’s unique selling points and reach a broad audience. This allowed us to establish initial interest at a low cost.

    Then, we narrowed their focus, retargeting potential customers who had engaged with any posts or ads using conversion campaigns.

    But we didn’t stop there…

    We tested different creative types and messaging to maximize conversions.

    Leveraging pixel data to retarget audience segments.

    We experimented with different campaign structures to maximize impressions. And we optimized Lookalike and Interest groups to reach a wider audience.

    The result?

    A whopping -66% decrease in CPM, leading to a +450% increase in impressions.

    But that’s not all.

    We also saw purchases increase +136% and conversion rates improve by +384%.

    Now that’s what we call a blockbuster success!

    This case study is a perfect example of how a well-executed video content strategy can drive sales and boost brand awareness.

    It shows that with the right approach, video content can be a game-changer for eCommerce brands.

    The Future of Video Content in eCommerce

    As we wrap up this week’s newsletter, let’s take a moment to peer into the future…

    Just like the film industry is always evolving, so too is the world of video content.

    From virtual reality product demos to live shopping events, the world is your oyster.

    So, as we continue to navigate the exciting eComm marketing landscape, let’s remember…

    The camera is rolling.

    The audience is waiting.

    And it’s our time to shine.

    Until next week, keep those video strategies rolling and conversions coming!

    Your Video Virtuoso,

    Sam Sprague

    P.S. Got a burning question about video content? Contact us and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say “action“!

    P.P.S. Remember, summer is like a good movie – it’s exciting, it’s captivating, and it’s over before you know it. So make the most of it and make it a blockbuster!

    Sam Sprague

    Sam is the Founder & CEO of Sprague Media. He has over 14 years of experience in the Digital & Social Media Marketing world, on the agency and client-side. A Marine Veteran and Father, Sam is an avid Football and Basketball connoisseur who likes nothing better than to spend quarantine watching games!

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