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Online Advertising 101: Snapchat Advertising Made Easy

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Do you want to bring more attention to your business?

There are over 30 million small businesses in the USA.

This makes it important for you to be good in advertising to prevent your business from getting lost in today’s ocean of business.

Doing this also helps you stand out and define your business to become more appealing.

A great way to do this is to advertise on Snapchat. 

Snapchat advertisements can change the direction of your business and help your business thrive.

How does it do this, though?

Read on to learn about Snapchat advertising and what you can do to be effective at it.

Help your business get off the ground through Snapchat today!

Know the Goal of Your Ad Campaign

The first thing you should do is define the goal of your ad campaign.

There are many reasons for you to create an ad campaign on Snapchat.

What’s great is that Snapchat advertising can cover all the bases to help your business.

Most businesses use the platform to increase brand awareness through videos.

This makes Snapchat the perfect platform because there are over 18 billion video views on the platform every day.

It’s a surefire way to increase views and awareness of the brand.

Businesses also go on Snapchat to make a sale.

The platform provides them with an easy way to advertise their products that lead to their stores.

This increases the chances of making a sale on the spot.

Others also use these ads to generate leads.

Ads can redirect users to pages where they can sign up and register for anything they find interesting.

If a brand is looking for engagement, Snapchat is also the best platform for it.

Many of its features, like the Live Video feature, can increase engagement tenfold.

Choose a Type of Snapchat Ad to Use

Now that you know your goal as a business, it should be easier to choose an ad type.

Knowing which one is best for you will increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Here’s a list of the ads that you can choose to use on the platform.

Single Video or Image

These are the most common type of Snapchat ads.

This is because they can fulfill any business purpose and are already optimized for mobile devices.

They’re great for featuring something big on your platform.

Gifs, videos, and photos are the most common types of these ads.

If you’re using videos for your ad campaign, it’s best to keep them short.

People on the platform often see videos that only last up to 10 seconds long.

Any longer than those can be too long and cause the viewer to click off of the ad.

Filters and Lenses

Filters and lenses do the same thing and add effects to your posts.

These are great for any ad that looks bland on its own.

You’ll need to add some pizzazz to your posts if you want them to stand out on the platform.

Filters are more for adding stylized texts to your posts.

You can also add images to add more elements to the post.

Lenses add AR filters, animated characters, and other objects to your posts.

It’s a great way to make it more appealing and noticeable.

It’s also a great way to show that your brand is more of a fun-loving brand.

Story Ads

Story ads are among the most popular ads on Snapchat today.

This is because most people are on the platform are looking for a good story.

Giving them the chance to connect through your stories is a good way to increase a sale’s chances.

These ads often contain 3-20 image tiles in a single post.

This means you have to tell your story within the allotted slots.

It’s a great way to establish a brand, show off your product’s capabilities, or tease an upcoming event by building up to it.

Product Ads

If you want to go for a simpler method of advertising, product ads are the best choice for you.

This is a more straightforward method as you only need to set up your post.

The post contains your product and a link that will lead to your store/service page.

It’s a great way to increase the chances of a sale.

If you want to increase it further, though, you can automate sales to increase efficiency.


These are six-second videos that anyone on the platform can’t skip, no matter what.

It’s the best way to show off your services or products without any fear of them getting skipped.

However, most people find these ads to be obnoxious because they’re forced to watch them.

To prevent them from feeling like this, you have to make the ads engaging and creative.

You should also create new ones on the regular.

Ad fatigue can lead to the loss of effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Target Your Audience

Now that you have an idea of what ad you’ll run on Snapchat, it’s time to target your audience.

What’s great about Snapchat is that it gives you lots of choices to modify your ad campaign.

You can select the intended target’s age if you have a specific location to market to in mind and if you want your ad to target people who visited a specific service/product store on the platform.

This allows the platform to send the ads to the right demographic.

This is important if you want a cost-efficient marketing campaign.

You don’t want to waste your budget, showing ads to people who won’t become interested in your brand.

Snapchat Advertising Made Easy

Do you want to learn how to advertise on Snapchat?

All it takes is for you to have a successful Snapchat marketing campaign to make your business thrive.

Learn all about Snapchat advertising and watch your business grow today!

Do you need help with your online marketing campaign?

You will have your hands full if you try to do it all on your own. 

Contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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