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Success Story.

Sprague Media helped the home improvement based eCommerce store increase sales through custom video creative ad formats, resulting in a 1,065% Revenue multiplier.


Return on Ad Spend


Revenue Lift

2 Platforms

Facebook & Snapchat


Vänt Panels.

Vant Panels kicked off its eCommerce store and collection of upholstered wall panels after seeing the market potential.. They offer not only offer a way for home owners to enjoy hotel style luxury, but also offer free samples / swatches for those to test out different styles. They supply to North America & the European markets. With their ever expanding collection of home products to include mattresses and furniture, they’re on their way to becoming a big fish in a competitive pond.

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Customer Acquisition.

Vant Panels wanted to increase customer acquisition and drive product sales.


Video Creative.

Vant Panels worked with agency Sprague Media to come up with a winning creative approach to help drive sales. Deciding to use the opportunity to test different ways of presenting video content in ads, Sprague Media developed six sets of video creative featuring Vant’s collection of products.

The first set of videos were optimized for the video view experience, using best practices (such as vertical video) throughout. The second set of videos were ot help walk prospecitve buyers through the ease of using these products and different creative approaches. The performance of the different ad creative was then compared in a conversion lift study, with all variables remaining the same apart from the creative. This allowed Vant to accurately assess which creative strategy worked best.

The ads were shown to men & women in the US, aged 30+, who were home owners and interested in different DIY TV shows. Vant used free sample purchases and new customer acquisition attribution to ensure a delivery and cost, and automatic placements to ensure that ads were seen in the placements where people were most likely to act as a result of seeing the ad.

The best kinds of videos ended up being those that gave creative inspiration, as well as a call-to-action button to “Shop Now” at VantPanels.com.

*Vertical Video for FB


Improved Conversion Metrics.

The results of this ongoing Facebook campaign—which began on Jan, 2020—were based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager. From then to now, the campaign delivered:

  • 7.47x Return on Ad Spend
  • 89% Pure New Customer Acquisition through all platforms
  • 1,065% Lift in Revenue

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