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Vänt Panels

Vänt Panels

Driving Home Goods Sales With Facebook & Snapchat Video Ads

Success Story

Sprague Media helped the New Jersey based eCommerce store utilize Facebook & Snapchat video ads to drive crazy sales, resulting
in a 857% lift in Revenue.

Snapchat Ad Results
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Their Story

Vant Panels is an online eCommerce store offering beautiful in-home solutions for people wanting to make their house a home. Wether its through their unique panel selection or bed frames and nightstands, Vant Panels offers an awesome arrangement of beautiful products to spruce up your home. Everything is built specific to the needs of the homeowner and easy to install.


Increase Sales

Vant Panels wanted to attract net-new customers and increase
website conversions and product sales.

Video Ads

In creating videos to attract customers, Sprague Media tested over a dozen video options to better help understand purchase behavior and user engagement. With video ads, we could push free swatches to new prospects and use a sequence of videos to increase the customer experience (CX) and drive sales. Men & Women, both segments required different types of creatives and nurturing messaging.

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Improved Conversion Metrics

The results of this ongoing Facebook & Snapchat ad campaigns—which began on Jan, 2020. From then to now, the campaign delivered:

  • 8.10x Return on Ad Spend
  • $400k+ in Holiday Sales
  • 857% Lift in Revenue

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