eCommerce Advertising Agency Audit

Let’s Get An Audit Started

Our Strategists will dive into your Social Media data and Google Analytics data to analyze and decipher the best strategy for advertising on Social Media.

We’ll analyze everything from…

  • Audience Segments Demographics & Psychographics
  • Location Breakdown
  • Time-to-Purchase analysis
  • Lifetime Value Breakdown
  • Testing & Experiment Strategy
  • Creative Analysis & Strategy
  • Platform Analysis & Strategy

…to creating 3-month projections for your team to analyze.

ecommerce advertising agency audit

How It Works

Intro Call

We start off with an introduction call to get to know each other a bit better and to have a place to start before diving into the data.

Analysis Access

We’ll get access to your analytics and start our deep dive. Usually takes between 5-7 days to complete. Once completed you will receive the whole analysis – Normally 35-45 pages of comprehensive analysis.

Audit Call

Because this can sometimes be overwhelming, we will hop on an audit call with you and breakdown each page of data + discuss the strategy we’d use to get to the projections we put together. This is a longer call and usually lasts ~45 mins.

Discuss Steps
Moving Forward

Once you have a breakdown of the data and our strategy, we will discuss what it looks like working together.  There is no pressure and no obligation for you to HAVE to work with us.

Get a Comprehensive Paid Social Audit Started

Fill out the form and our team will be in-touch for a quick introduction call before we get started with the analysis.