Cookie’s Kids


Success Story.

Sprague Media helped the New York based retailer use Facebook dynamic product and catalog ad formats to draw higher awareness and sales, resulting in a 326.7% lift in Revenue.


Return on Ad Spend


Brand Lift (*9.9% eComm Norm)


Better DPA results vs Static Creatives


Cookie’s Kids.

Established in 1975, Cookie’s Kids expanded to six NYC store locations before opening our online store, Cookie’s Kids offers a one-stop-shop for school uniforms, children’s clothing, toys, furniture, and accessories. They work with schools across the country to supply stylish and affordable school uniforms to meet their needs, and provide a full selection of uniforms in our stores. With their ever expanding collection of children’s products, it’s no wonder they’re known as the World’s Largest Kids Department Store!


Create More Interest.

Cookie’s Kids wanted to build awareness of its brand, attract net-new customers and increase website conversions and product sales.


Dynamic Ads.

In planning a new mobile-first ad campaign to reach and attract customers, Sprague Media decided to run Facebook dynamic ads. With dynamic ads, we could target the people who had already shown intent on its website (by viewing products, but not buying). We also broadly targeted mobile-savvy females nationwide aged 24–44.

Because we wanted to show a wide variety of different product designs, we chose the dynamic ad format. This format helped the campaign stand out in Facebook News Feed with an eye-catching catalog of products, showing users relevant products they’d been searching for.

Facebook’s algorithm was able to understand what types of products each individual was either searching for or in the market to buy. Then serving them with specific products pulled from the collections that match said users buying intent. Then, by tapping on a particular product took people to the product detail page on the Cookie’s Kids website where they could choose to purchase.

The product images featured an assortment of different designs and prices, as well as a call-to-action button to “Shop Now” at

*Instagram Stories video ad example.


Improved Conversion Metrics.

The results of this ongoing Facebook campaign—which began on Jan, 2020—were based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager. From then to now, the campaign delivered:

  • 3.46x Return on Ad Spend
  • 27.6% Brand Lift (compared to the 9.9% eComm Norm)
  • 326.7% Lift in Revenue

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