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7 Deadly Social Media Marketing Sins

That Your Fans And Followers Will Never Forgive So, your boss asked you (or you’re the boss!) to create a Facebook page for your business… And… Maybe a Twitter profile too. You are thinking you could add a YouTube Channel! And Pinterest doesn’t sound as bad either. So you set all of these up. DONE. […]

Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing

As a brand, where should we focus more of our budget on, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing? There is no hard and fast rule on which is better or which you should prioritize over the other. However, it’s important to remember that the two are not exclusive to one another. In order to […]

How Lookalike Audiences Can Increase Advertising Efficiency

Lookalike audiences are used on all social media platforms as a great way to target consumers based off your past customers, specific website events, or even email lists. Essentially, these lookalike audiences allow you to target people who have similar interests, traits, and buyer behaviors as your current customers. What is a Lookalike Audience? Lookalike […]

11 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the most engaged with platform, out of all the social media platforms. The average user on instagram engages with around 67% of content. Even just having a presence on IG will increase your brands perceived value by 79%! So, in 2021, Instagram is a must for your brand and your business. In this […]