Use this 4-Step formula on your next ad and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Have you been having trouble with your ads?

Whether you are a first timer on Facebook or have been running ads forever, don’t worry it happens to the best of us.

Use this process to help you get on the right track when creating your ads.

The formula we are going to use is called P.A.C.E.

PACE stands for:

  • Pain

  • Attention

  • Command

  • Attention

Simple acronym so that you can remember this the next time you start ad creation…

…memorize it!

Identify the Pain

You have to really understand your market to understand the pains they have in their life.

What are problems they having?

What are they trying to solve?

Think about the mindset someone is in while they’re scrolling through their Facebook Feed…

They’re either on their phone, or their computer and they’re just scrolling through their feed reading the latest gossip from friends, or the latest Presidential campaign blunder.

So, you are interrupting them.

Because this is a form of interruption marketing it must be valuable.

You MUST speak to them in a way that interrupts them for a brief second, but once they read that headline it makes sense.

This is why you have to focus on that pain.

What is that pain point? Is there more than one?

You’re going to have to do a lot of research to dig deep into your market and really understand the conversations that are already going on in your customers head.

All of this research should really be done before you even start writing.

The research and client avatar building aspect of this process comes first.

This is where you’re starting that conversation with prospects… remember that, because this will lead into the rest of your ad and even into your marketing funnel.

Congruence is key.

Grabbing Attention

This is where your image comes in.

The images grab the attention and the headline touches on the pain point(s).

Consider this the “stopping power of your ad“.

Think back to your potential customer skimming through their Facebook feed…

…the very first thing they see in your ad is the image.

They DON’T read the headline first, they see the picture – use it to grab their attention.

This IS the most important part of your ad.

Make them attention grabbing, but keep them within the “norms” of Facebook.

You want them to flow with what customers normally see / post in their feed (i.e. normal people doing normal things).

You want to ride that line of matching with their FB feeds, and something completely out of bounds.

70% of FB ad images receive more engagement when there is a human face in the ad.

Use this to your advantage!

Use images that lead your audience to aspire to be the person in the image.

Use your customer avatar to match the image with who you are targeting.

Make sure you test your ad images… Maybe something else may work better for your audience / market.

Give a Command

Basically, tell them what to do.

The command goes int the link headline just below the image.

They’ve seen the image.

They’ve read the headline.

They’ve made a conscious yes or no decision.

Now you need to lead them.

Tell them what to do!

Let them know where to begin to get the solution to their problem.

You’ve asked them a question, they said yes, so tell them what to do next.

Set Expectations

Lastly, you are going to want to set the expectations for what they’re going to do, receive, or get.

What is going to happen after we command them to take action?

Continue the conversation, use contractions, and set the tone for what is going to happen.

Insert a benefit and some curiosity into the statement.

You are connecting the “how” – how you are going to help them solve that pain – with the expectation for when / what / how they are going to be able to solve it.

Whatever you do, think simplicity.

Simple always wins the day and if you stick to this process you WILL see great results.

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