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5 Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement That Actually Work

Facebook offers a wealth of opportunity to build an online presence.

The fact that 69% of US adults use Facebook is all you need to know. If you’re trying to reach an audience then you’ll surely find it through the social networking platform. That said, using Facebook for business isn’t what it use to be — competition is tough!

What can you do to increase Facebook engagement? What strategies offer ample returns when using the platform?

Get these answers, and so much more, in the details below:

1. Share Something Worth Sharing

Many Facebook business pages start, get spammed with links, and then are forgotten. This tends to happen because their owners never had something good to share with their community. The page’s feed became a dumping ground.

What’s worth sharing is wholly dependant on the community you’re building.

How do you figure out what people want? You can dig through analytics and use data to guide your decision. You can also take a look at competitor pages to see what works. Or, you can simply ask people what they want from you. Once you know, it’s then a matter of creating/finding that content and building your FB strategy around it.

2. Quality Over Quantity

The quality over quantity concept goes back to our #1 in that you need to share the good stuff.

You’ve got to understand that people see over 5,000 ads every day. This is a ton of saturation! Much of it goes unnoticed but even a small amount of engagement can lead to brand fatigue. You don’t want that association.

So, what do you do to focus on quality posting? Try:

  • Set up a schedule so you’re publishing when they’re most likely to engage
  • Prune what’s shared so only the best remain vs a feed that’s a mish-mash of quality

Investing a little extra time into each shared item can do wonders for engagement. So, spend that extra on better images or stronger copywriting. Condense all the social media tactics you know into that one thing you’re sharing.

3. Funnel to Facebook

People have their preferred platforms and so your audience is likely scattered around the Web. What you should do is try to bring them all together to Facebook by funneling them there.

Get your FB page link shared on:

  • The main site (in the sidebar and as CTAs)
  • On social media bios and profiles
  • Included in media and ad campaigns

Strive to make your Facebook presence a central hub of activity. This attracts those who love you most and this will lead to an active community. The activity will make it so much easier to engage.

4. Use Facebook Ad Tools

Facebook offers a bunch of paid methods to increase your engagement.

This can include:

…and a bunch of other formats worth exploring as you explore the platform.

By sharing your best stuff, you now have better metrics on the audience. You can then amplify those messages through paid promotion. Every successful campaign builds off the last, creating a blueprint for your success.

Increase Facebook Engagement and Amplify Your Brand

Many people struggle with their Facebook pages. They also run into hiccups with its ad platform. We’re here to tell you that you, yes you, can increase Facebook engagement. All that’s needed is perseverance, good resources, and a guiding hand.

We’ve shared a few of our top strategies for Facebook to get you started.

What comes after you’ve done the basics? Well, let’s talk and discuss strategy. The experts here at our Facebook advertising agency have an incredible knack for delivering exceptional results. We’d love for you to experience this, too.

Don’t wait for success. Reach out and get in touch, let’s make success happen!

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How to Increase Instagram Followers in 4 Easy Steps

Did you know that Instagram’s median engagement rate is 1,700% more than Facebook and 3,300% higher than a tweet?

For brands marketing themselves on Instagram, this is good news. However, to enjoy these high engagement rates, you first need to increase your Instagram followers and build traction on the platform.

If this has started to feel like an insurmountable task for your business, then don’t go anywhere. Because we’re about to share with you the top 4 failproof steps you can take to boost your following.

1. Optimize and Brand Your Page

The first step to gaining a loyal bevy of Instagram followers is to optimize and brand your page. This includes creating an on-brand bio, incorporating a relevant link to drive traffic to your site, and adding a profile image.

Besides this, you may also want to include hashtags in your bio.

2. Post Content People Want to See

The next fail-safe step to increase your Instagram followers is posting high-quality, engaging content on a consistent basis.

Although 80% of people on Instagram follow a business, they’re not likely to follow your page if all you share on it is shameless self-promotion.

Instead, tailor your Instagram strategy around creating content that tells your brand story, builds a relationship with your audience, and showcases your brand’s voice.

To do this, you should engage in visual storytelling and craft compelling captions.

3. Engage With Your Audience

If you want to increase your audience on Instagram, it’s essential that you engage with them. Building relationships with leads is an essential social and digital marketing skill, and responding to your Instagram followers is an ideal way to do this.

Are you getting comments on your posts? If so, don’t only reply to them, but head over to those people’s profiles and like a few of their posts.

You can also initiate engagement on your posts by asking questions in your captions or even running polls.

4. Use Targeted Hashtags

When it comes to hashtags, #targeted is the way to go.

At first thought, it might seem logical to target bigger hashtags. However, this means that when people do a search on Instagram, your content will probably be lost in a sea of competition.

On the other hand, if you choose to use more targeted hashtags, these have a higher likelihood of being found in search. For instance, say you run an online clothing shop that focuses on bohemian fashion for women. Instead of trying to be found just with terms like #fashion or #style, you could leverage more target hashtags, such as #bohofashion, #bohemianfashion, #bohostyle, etc.

Another top hashtagging tip is creating branded hashtags. These are hashtags that feature your brand’s name, slogan,  or something else that’s specific to it. Besides coming up with branded hashtags, you should also cross-promote them to increase their exposure.

Implement These Steps and Increase Your Instagram Followers

If you want to increase your Instagram followers, be aware that it will take time. However, the sooner you start implementing these steps for growing your audience, the faster you’ll start hitting those follower targets.

In the meantime, why not leverage Instagram advertising? Instagram allows for highly targeted and cost-effective ad campaigns that you can use to supercharge your business.

Need help? We are experts in social media advertising. Click here to get a free audit where we will dive into your analytics to devise a three-month advertising strategy for your team to analyze.

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Choose an eCommerce Agency to Market Your Business Correctly

eCommerce is only getting bigger. By the year 2021, worldwide eCommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion. More people want to shop from home in their PJs. This is why more e-commerce businesses are emerging to meet this demand.

If you own an eCommerce business, this will create serious competition for you. But you can defeat the competition with excellent marketing and advertising strategies that will put you in front of your buyers.

The best course of action is to find an eCommerce agency that will put your brand ahead of the masses. But how do you choose an e-commerce marketing agency that will market your business?

Why You Should Hire an eCommerce Agency vs. DIY

You may be tempted to market and advertise your brand DIY. But this is a mistake for many reasons.

marketing agency knows different opportunities for success and can put time and focus into their strategies. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate already. You may not be able to put all of your time into marketing, resulting in less-than-satisfactory results.

What if you already created a marketing strategy? A professional can analyze any potential problems and will use their experience to create a winning strategy. This will ensure you’ll increase your customer base and will achieve your ROI.

How to Identify the Best E-Commerce Marketing Agency

Now that you know the importance of hiring an e-commerce agency, how do you identify the best one? Look for these qualities.

Determine Your Objectives

While a marketing professional has expert insights, you’ll want to share your own goals. This may include advertising your brand to a targeted audience or enhancing your presence on search engine results.

After you’re done evaluating your goals, start conducting research. Find an e-commerce agency that specializes in your goals. For example, if you want to increase your presence on social media, look for a social media marketing agency.


Should you choose the first agency you find? Do your homework and make sure the agency has years of experience.

You’ll specifically want to look for a portfolio of e-commerce stores; e-commerce is a specific niche and consists of marketing techniques and knowledge that may not apply to other industries.

It’s also helpful to look at previous campaign success on their website and see if their past work aligns with your goals. The most trustworthy agencies will offer a portfolio, past clients, or other insight. If not, don’t hesitate to ask.


Digital marketing technology becomes more advanced every year. Marketing technology can benefit campaigns in many ways. Your brand will have a more effective campaign, giving you a competitive edge and ensuring you make your ROI.

For example, marketing automation tools can pre-schedule posts and cut out menial tasks so marketers can focus on more important tasks. eCommerce video is also becoming a necessity for all businesses.

Any professional marketer will be tech-savvy, utilizing the latest in marketing technology.

Choose an eCommerce Agency Today

In order to achieve eCommerce success, you’ll need a great eCommerce agency to market and advertise your brand. Are you looking for an eCommerce marketing agency? If so, we offer social media advertising and more.

Contact us for a free audit today.

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Marketing Your Business With eCommerce Video

Social media marketing has really changed the game. On average, people spend nearly two and a half hours on social media each day. That’s billions – yes, billions – of people scrolling various platforms for over two hours every day.

With that kind of traffic, anyone looking to engage in social media advertising is almost guaranteed to see some level of success. And, if you play the game right, you can target eCommerce video as your most prosperous avenue.

Together, let’s take a closer look at eCommerce video, see why it works, and consider the best platform for your new marketing plan. You’ll quickly see why video is key and want to dip your toes into these prosperous waters.

What Is eCommerce Video?

Once upon a time, companies were encouraged to advertise through imagery. It was important to upload quality images to all websites, social media accounts, and email marketing campaigns.

Today, imagery has advanced to video. Short how-tos and other explainer videos are what people want to see. Consider the amount of time people spend on YouTube watching makeup tutorials, product reviews, and other short episodes.

eCommerce video is a great way to put the spotlight on new products and services in a format that people are likely to consume. By keeping it short, sweet, colorful, and engaging, it’s possible to garner a host of new leads with one short video.

Why Does eCommerce Video Work?

eCommerce video is an effective marketing tool because it has a very high conversion rate. Anywhere from 64% to 85% of people who watch these videos quickly turn from new leads to actual customers.

It’s also a great SEO marketing tool. By adding the right alt tag, hashtags, and meta description to your video, you can attract quality leads to your videos. This can draw in new customers as they’re searching Google for various items and it can work across every social media platform.

By incorporating video into your Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest ads, you can reach almost anyone who has an account. Best of all, your ads can be targeted toward your desired demographic.

eCommerce Video for the Win

Platforms like TikTok are making one thing clear: people love scrolling short videos. Sure, other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are still popular for great imagery and text.

But, they’re also branching out and taking on short video snippets. That’s why Insta stories, IGTV (Instagram TV), and Instagram Reels have skyrocketed. These are surefire ways to spotlight your eCommerce videos

When you’re ready to boost your SEO, take on Google, and master social media advertising, we hope you’ll reach out to us.

Here at Sprague Media, we dramatically increase our clients’ eCommerce revenue on social media through stellar video creatives and intelligent data.

As a social media marketing agency, we focus on leveraging Facebook’s algorithm across all 14 platforms while using old-school techniques to keep our clients omnipresent.

Let’s start with a free audit and strategy analysis. After that, it’ll be time for social media domination and a host of new conversions. We look forward to taking your company to new heights!

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The Importance of Having a Clear E-Commerce Strategy (Yes, It Matters)

If you do business online, it’s essential to know how to market your e-commerce site.

Today, nearly all leading businesses have an online presence. It can prove challenging standing out from the competition.

However, an e-commerce strategy presents a unique challenge. With e-commerce, you need to do more than attract attention. You need to convince as many customers as possible to buy on the spot.

E-commerce marketing is not mutually exclusive from other kinds of digital advertising. Along with other digital methods, it can help your business grow and thrive.

To learn more about the importance of having clear e-commerce marketing strategies, keep reading.

What Is E-Commerce Marketing?

Advertising is a part of marketing. Likewise, e-commerce advertising is a part of e-commerce marketing.

Together, these practices can help you to reach your audience effectively. They’ll help you to boost conversions and improve the awareness of your brand. More importantly, however, they’ll encourage consumers to take action that includes buying your product or service.

E-commerce, however, goes beyond advertising your brand. You must also promote your products.

E-commerce marketing encompasses using display ads, banner ads, and rich media. However, you must also make your presence known across various marketing channels as well as on popular social media networks. Social media enables you to connect with your audience and deliver content that engages potential buyers.

As an e-commerce store owner, however, your content may look a little different compared to other companies. Also, not every platform will suit your needs.

For example, e-commerce is an intrinsically visual practice. Part of selling goods online involves showing off your products. With e-commerce marketing, you must place emphasis on putting your product in front of potential consumers.

In part, your success in e-commerce strategy depends on your ability to highlight your offerings. For example, Instagram is a great platform for providing sharp product imagery. Furthermore, the platform expands your reach beyond your product pages.

Getting Technical With E-Commerce Strategy

With e-commerce, there are few marketing tactics available that are unique to online stores. For instance, you can take advantage of post-purchase follow-up.

This kind of marketing happens after a consumer purchases something from your online store. During the checkout, it’s always a good idea to offer buyers the chance to subscribe to your newsletter. Now, you have their contact information, and you can follow-up with more promotions.

After a customer makes a purchase, you want to keep the conversation going. You can do this by sending a follow-up email a few days later.

You can also use this tactic to gauge a customer’s interest in your other products. More importantly, however, staying in contact with your buyers shows that you care about their shopping experience.

You can also market to customers who don’t make a purchase. Often, consumers will add goods to a shopping cart and not follow through with buying.

E-commerce marketers call this shopping cart abandonment. This scenario takes place for several reasons. Figuring out how to reduce shopping cart abandonment is a great way to improve e-commerce profitability.

Hopefully, you’ve taken steps to collect the email addresses of site visitors. If so, you can use that information to follow up with a polite email that reminds customers that they have unclaimed goods in their shopping cart. You can use this opportunity to re-engage with potential buyers.

Why You Need a Clear E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce marketing is an effective way to improve the recognition of your online storefront. It can also help you to develop new business.

Furthermore, e-commerce marketing can help to increase your organic traffic. This kind of marketing can also help you save on operational costs.

As each day passes, online shopping is growing increasingly popular. By marketing your online store, you can improve your standing among competitors. More importantly, you can outperform them.

It’s important that you use effective e-commerce strategies to promote your online store. For example, it’s essential to develop quality content with searchable keywords. You should also use searchable keywords to drive traffic to your website and improve the visibility of your brand.

You also want to generate more traffic. By doing so, you can convince more buyers to convert. In turn, you can realize more profit.

However, you must also think about the user experience when they arrive at your site. It’s important that your website is responsive and user-friendly. The idea here is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy your goods.

Thriving in the Digital Landscape

By partnering with a skilled digital e-commerce agency, you can succeed in the online selling space. An experienced consultant will help you design a marketing plan and research your e-commerce marketing strategy.

For exceptional consultants, their success is your success. An expert digital marketing agency can help you to increase leads and conversions. Ultimately, the relationship will help you to increase revenue for your online enterprise.

A skilled digital marketing agency can audit your existing online presence. With this information, they’ll help you to develop an effective e-commerce marketing campaign.

Furthermore, they’ll stay along with you for the ride. As you deploy campaigns, they will test them and help you find opportunities for improvement.

Build Recognition Across the Biggest Platforms on Earth!

Now that you know more about e-commerce strategy, all you need is an agency with the expertise to take your online store to the next level.

Sprague Media is an expert e-commerce marketing agency that can help you to develop your digital strategy. At Sprague Media, you’re more than a client—you’re our partner.

We’re experts in leveraging the Facebook algorithm. We also deploy tried-and-true marketing techniques that will help you to develop a loyal following.

Contact a Sprague Media e-commerce expert today at (971) 204-7295 to get started. Alternatively, you can reach us online to sign up for a free audit and analysis.

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How COVID-19 Is Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing

Almost 200 thousand people have died from COVID-19 in the United States.

Since COVID-19 hit America, there have been lockdowns, people are quarantined in their homes, and some businesses have closed permanently. In fact, more people are figuring out ways to do things safer, especially when it comes to shopping online.

Many businesses are having to change their approach when it comes to making it safer for the customer to shop at their business, particularly when it comes to marketing.

Other businesses are learning how COVID-19 is shaping the future of influencer marketing, changing how people buy things from businesses.

If you want to see how COVID-19 is changing influencer marketing, then this article will have everything for you.

How COVID-19 Hurt Businesses

A lot of businesses have shut down permanently due to COVID-19.

More people are staying inside due to the mandatory quarantine, and businesses were forced to close their doors because they couldn’t afford to stay open. Brick and mortar businesses were especially hurt by not having an online presence.

When businesses did reopen, they were still hurting because people stayed indoors. People were afraid of catching COVID-19.

As businesses still try to recover from COVID-19, it’s important that they remember how to build trust when customers. Influencer marketing can help build this trust with customers. Influencer marketing can help people see the authenticity of a business.

Here’s how influencer marketing will be different after COVID-19.

More Micro-Influencers

While influencers have a larger following on social media, micro-influencers tend to have a stronger relationship with their followers.

If you hire a micro-influencer, your business can benefit from followers who have a strong relationship with these influencers. Your business can benefit from followers who are real and will listen to influencers.

Some influencers, not micro-influencers, will buy fake followers to make it appear that they are more influential than they actually are.

More Transparency

Before COVID-19, social media influencers didn’t need to disclose a brand. They didn’t need to talk about what they were advertising. But now there’s more of a need to be transparent.

Influencers need to be upfront with what they are advertising in order to avoid false advertising. When an influencer is transparent with the consumer, more trust is being built.

Consumers want to know what’s being advertised to them. They want to know what the influencer recommends or what they recommending based on their relationship with certain brands.

More Video

One of the ways influencer marketing will change after COVID-19 is with videos. In fact, more videos will be shown since they have a higher engagement rate.

Videos are a great way to show the safety of a business and what is happening with a business after COVID-19.

More influencers will take advantage of video to talk about safety protocols, entertainment, or something else that will help engage consumers.

Relationships Matter More Than Ever

One of the most important ways influencer marketing will change after COVID-19 is the way relationships are built with consumers.

For example, when COVID-19 is over, people will need to return to businesses or they will go with a business that offers them the most trust. Influencers will have a major impact on what customers will do after COVID-19. They will influence people to buy at certain brands that offer safety and credibility.

That’s why influencers will need to improve their relationship with their followers. Consumers may be hesitant to shop at certain businesses given COVID-19.

One of the ways that influencers can improve their relationship with their followers is being consistent in their engagement as well as being transparent. Consumers want to know who to follow and who’s going to provide the most helpful tips and advice after COVID-19.

How Businesses Can Benefit

Businesses can benefit from influencers after COVID-19 because a lot of influencers will be looking to build a connection with certain brands.

Influencers want to help business brands recover after COVID-19, which is why they are looking to partner with them. However, if a business does hire an influencer, they should make sure that they are original and don’t buy followers.

In addition, when a business does hire an influencer, they can quickly rehabilitate its brand image if it took a hit during COVID-19.

Another benefit for businesses if they hire influencers after COVID-19 is that they can reach their target market. You can have an influencer talk about your business and how you are recovering during COVID-19.

When you have an influencer talk about your business because of the relationship you’ve built with them, it can help create a deeper connection with your target audience. Your ideal customer will understand what happened to your business during COVID-19 because of what the influencer conveyed to them.

Overall, when you have an influencer you partner with and who cares about your business, it can help boost your business because you’ll attract more followers. More people will find your business and understand what you are going through.

Now You Know How COVID-19 Is Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing

Learning how COVID-19 is shaping the future of influencer marketing is critical to know if you’re an influencer or a business. You need to know what strategies to incorporate and what to do after COVID-19 is over that can give you the best chance at success.

However, the most important thing to remember about how influencer marketing is changing is that there’s more of a focus on relationships. More people want a worthy influencer to trust when it comes to safety and where to buy.

If you want help with your marketing strategy, you can contact us here.

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7 Features of a Successful TikTok Advertising Campaign

With over 800 million users and growing, TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2019.

Although it’s future in the United States is uncertain—being owned by the Chinese company ByteDance—marketers are discovering that it’s an effective way to reach millions of new potential customers.

India currently has the largest share of users, but the number of Americans on TikTok has doubled since 2018. Most of the new users are from Generation Z and older people who quit Facebook or Instagram.

The platform now offers paid media options and TikTok advertisers are getting huge results.

Are you interested in learning more about TikTok advertising? Keep reading below to learn 7 features of the app that can help you optimize a campaign.

Understanding the app is half the battle and we’ll discuss hashtags, trends, engagement, and app tools.

1. Absolute Anyone Can Go Viral on TikTok

Your chances of going viral on TikTok are much better than on older, established platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

It’s not uncommon to see a TikTok with hundreds of thousands of likes where the user only has a few hundred followers.

The TikTok algorithm doesn’t autofeed the most popular accounts.

It’s important to note there’s no guarantee any of your content will go viral on a platform. Much of it is luck and timing. Rather, if you produce the best content possible, you’re more likely to excel on TikTok.

2. TikTok Hashtags Are Just as Relevant

Hashtags help you search for specific content on social media and join conversations. They first took off on Twitter and Instagram years ago, and now are used on most major apps. Hashtags have become the industry standard.

Here’s some good news for you: hashtags are just as relevant on TikTok!

You can take the campaign hashtags you’re currently using on other platforms and add them on TikTok.

Some of the highest performing hashtags on the platform today include #entertainment, #dance, #pranks, #fitness, and #diy. They’re getting billions of views and worth a look.

3. Keep An Eye on Tik Tok’s Trending Culture

TikTok users love the latest trends. Once something catches on, they want in on the action.

Whether it’s a silly challenge, hot song, or running joke, being successful on TikTok is all about creating your unique content around these trends. And they’re changing all of the time!

The best way to keep up on the trending culture is to be an active participant on TikTok. Watch videos and see what’s taking off. Even within the trends, there are opportunities to innovate on behalf of your brand.

4. Like Other Social Platforms, Engagement Drives Performance

People enjoy TikTok’s fun, light-hearted content and that’s what they’ll hit “like” on its videos.

Regardless of their status or number of followers, performance is based purely on engagement. It’s one of the most egalitarian platforms out there.

Why was TikTok the 2019 most downloaded app in the world?

Social media users are frustrated at how their content is being buried in the algorithm. They are sick of seeing the same post dozens of times.

And they’re tired of the anger and anxiety other social apps are producing in its users.

5. TikTok’s Enormous Sound Library Is at Your Disposal

The TikTok app provides users a handheld production studio. Once you record a video between 15 to 60 seconds, you have the option of adding music.

Think of the TikTok sound library like Spotify or Pandora. You have access to thousands of songs. But, you can also add original sound by recording it on your phone.

You also have the ability to do voice-overs. And don’t discount the video editing software. You can add effects, filters, text, and stickers.

If you have more than one video clip, the app will help you with transitions.

Not sure what type of videos people will respond to? Just watch the most popular TikToks for inspiration.

And conduct as much research as you can and test your marketing content among multiple audiences.

6. Influencers Can Boost Your Tiktok Marketing Campaigns

If you’re ready to launch a brand awareness campaign on TikTok or purchase advertising, consider the help of influencers.

Influencer campaigns have been big business on Instagram, but many of these same creatives are crushing it on TikTok.

The difference is on Instagram you need an established following and big budget to be effective. This isn’t needed on TikTok.

The TikTok algorithm is top secret, but the company announced earlier this year it’s establishing a TikTok Creator Fund to help influencers make money.

More successful influencers on the platform will mean more opportunities to partner with brands like yours.

7. Discover the Options for TikTok Advertising

Can you advertise on TikTok? The answer is yes!

If you’re ready to advertise on this growing platform, the company recently launched TikTok For Business. It’s similar to the Facebook Ads Manager.

There are currently four TikTok advertising options:

  • Brand Takeovers: An image or video lasting 3 to 5 seconds
  • In-Feed Videos: A video lasting up to 60 seconds
  • Hashtag Challenges: An invitation for users to make content based on your hashtag
  • Branded Effects: Brands can be added to a video in 2D, 3D, or AR formats

If you need help with using TikTok or building ads, they also launched an e-learning center to help marketers learn about the app.

Although it’s not easy to nail down TikTok’s advertising rates, they’re affordable and comparable to other social media platforms.

Get Professional Help With Your Social Media Advertising

Let’s face it, you run a business and you’ve got a lot on your mind. Social media may not be at the top of your priorities. But, marketing is the key to growing your business.

TikTok advertising can be challenging if you’re not social media savvy or even familiar with the app.

Following the tips above will help you construct effective campaigns, but sometimes it’s just better to call the professionals.

Sprague Media is a social media marketing agency that works with clients on strategy, media buying, influencer marketing, video creation, analytics, and even training for your staff.

You can get in touch with us for a free audit and analysis of your social media channels

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Portland Advertising Agency

Are you a business owner who wants to take your company to the next level?

Whether you are based in Oregon or across the United States, our Portland advertising agency can help you with your marketing needs.

Businesses across the country are outpacing the rest of the world when it comes to advertising efforts.

In 2016, businesses in the United States spent nearly $191 billion on advertising costs. That’s more than double the next closest country, China, who spent just over $80 billion!

But what are the benefits of hiring a Portland advertising agency like Sprague Media to help you grow your business?

Experience & Expertise

An effective advertising agency has experience and expertise in the industry. They also understand how to tailor a plan of action that works for your business.

Our Portland advertising agency has worked with many companies across the country and our process is results-driven.

For example, our Facebook ad campaign consists of a three-step process that is designed with your bottom line in mind.

Discovery & Research

We make it easy to connect with us to help establish a relationship with your business.

We get a feel for what your goals, priorities, and competitors are in your industry. Once we learn these things, we get to work to help you establish a way to reach those goals.

We do this through extensive research in your industry and by being aware of the trends in your area.

Testing & Implementation

Once we gather the data we need, we test the ads that will work best for your business. We take an in-depth look at how consumers are reacting to these. Once we determine what works and what doesn’t for you, we implement your ad campaign.

Optimization & Scale

But establishing your advertising campaign is just the start. A results-driven process is rooted in monitoring and optimization. Facebook is a valuable advertising tool, but it’s different from the advertising of old. We have the experience to recognize patterns on this social media platform and tweak things where needed.

Develop a Brand

While advertising campaigns are meant to improve your bottom line, an important part of this is developing a brand along the way.

What is developing a strong brand? Let’s use Nike as an example. The popular sports clothing company provides an often studied way of creating a brand recognized across the country (and the world)!

What’s one of the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “Nike” or see its well-known swoosh logo?

It’s probably sports or an active lifestyle. At the very least, people connect the swoosh with Nike.

In a report from the New York Times, research showed that 97% of Americans recognized the swoosh as belonging to Nike.

That’s a powerful tool and gives Nike an advantage over their competitors. But creating a brand with that sort of recognition doesn’t happen over night. It’s part of a successful, sustained marketing campaign.

Our Portland advertising agency understands that creating a powerful brand comes through things like targeted marketing, a strong logo, and creative advertisements. In order to do this, we help you better understand your consumer base and how to tap into it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your business has an online presence, search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the most important aspect of your website.

SEO is a marketing process where your website drives traffic and increases your brand awareness by optimizing your rankings in search engine results.

After all, you can have the best website on the internet but if it can’t be found what good does it do for your business or prospective clients?

But SEO isn’t throwing darts at boards and seeing what sticks.

Our Portland advertising agency is experienced in analyzing keywords and phrases that optimize your web presence online. Through accurate information across your website and other places online, we can help you increase your SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO is exactly what you might imagine. Developing search engine optimization that is designed to provide your business with the strongest results in your local market.

If your business is targeting local consumers it’s important to understand what they want and to ensure you are one of the top results in your industry.

How important is it?

According to Searchengineland.com, 46% of Google searches are local and 78% of those result in offline purchases!

It’s a staggering statistic that illustrates the significance of local SEO.

But how do we do it?

One of the ways is by ensuring that your landing pages and web presence contain up-to-date information. Consistently accurate information like your office location, store hours and phone number are used by search engine crawlers to help you in this regard.

Being proactive with your web presence across all platforms can be a time-consuming task for your business, but that’s one of the ways we help out!

Not placing enough emphasis on local SEO is what can keep your business from being discovered in your area.

Creating Unique Content

In today’s digital age, offering good content is an important part of a marketing campaign. Especially on the internet, where web surfers want high-quality images, HD video and things of that sort.

Our Portland advertising agency can help you develop unique content in your marketing efforts in an appealing way to your clients.

When it comes to online marketing, an increasingly bigger portion of content is coming in the way of video footage.

According to a study by Cisco, video will make up 80% of the internet’s web traffic by 2019!

You need an advertising agency with a forward-looking view of where things are headed not online but in print media, too.

At Sprague Media, we deliver a creative mix of content for your businesses advertising campaign with an eye towards the future.

Thinking Outside The Box

When you hire a Portland advertising agency to head up your marketing campaign you get the benefit of an outside perspective of your business.

As someone working with your business from the outside, our firm can help you develop new ideas. We will see things from a different angle than you or your employees.

Part of being a strong advertising agency is bringing an unbiased opinion to your client. An advertising agency comes to the table with a fresh set of eyes and ears.

This can help to facilitate the communication process within your business.

With this unique perspective, we can see your product or service in a way you may not have considered. This is a helpful consideration if you are torn between hiring an advertising agency or keeping your marketing efforts in-house.

Grow Your Professional Network

When you hire an experienced Portland advertising agency you can leverage their professional relationships across other industries.

Have a product or service that you think may complement another industry?

Advertising agencies work with companies across a wide range of fields. This is beneficial to you as a business owner because it can help open doors for you.

Save Time & Money

As a business owner, there are a lot of things for you to focus on. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur today.

Product development, business expansion, and sales are a few things a business faces.

When you work with our Portland advertising agency, you tell us where you want your business to go. From there, we handle the rest.

We work with you during the process to help you refine your marketing campaign. But our focus on helping your business means you have more time for other tasks.

This way your time is spent interacting with your customers. You also have more time to find better ways to deliver your product.

You’ve also got more time to network with other businesses and create strategic relationships.

Without an experienced advertising agency, you may go through a trial and error period. That won’t get you the results you want and will waste valuable time and money.

There are also relationships that advertising agencies have with ad companies. This can help them receive better pricing than if you tried to do it yourself!

Check out our impressive list of business partners!

Hiring a Portland Advertising Agency

The decision to hire an advertising agency is a big one that can have a lasting impact on your business.

At Sprague Media, we understand that there are a lot of options for your business. With that in mind, we dedicate ourselves to delivering you the best marketing campaign possible.

We use a unique mix of experience and creativity to create a one of a kind campaign with a long-term focus in mind. We make ourselves available to your business to timely address your questions.

A big part of a good marketing campaign is developing a strong message. We will help you do this by learning about what your market wants. Then creating a unique message that resonates with their needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business establish an effective advertising campaign!

Social Media Branding

The Benefits Of Small Business Branding

What do you think of when you think of a brand?

If that immediately makes you think of big name companies — things like Apple, McDonald’s, or Starbucks — you’re not thinking of it the right way.

According to the Business Dictionary, a brand is, in part, “Unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors.”

Does that sound like something that only big companies need?

In truth, all businesses can benefit from strong branding, no matter what the size.

But when you’re a small business, it can be hard to really wrap your head around what a brand means to you, and how you need it.

This is where we come in.

We work with plenty of small businesses, and we know the importance of small business branding. Here are just a few benefits that you can get from it.

Branding helps you manage your reputation.

The first step in understanding why small business branding is important to you is changing the way you think about branding in general.

One expert, for example, suggests that you replace the word “brand” with “reputation.” By doing that, you more clearly understand what branding can do for you.

By focusing on your brand, you take control of your reputation. You can help shape the message and discussion around your company, turning it from something vague and forgettable to something that resonates deeply with people.

If you don’t do this, then your reputation is only what people say about you, and nothing more.

This can be dangerous, because a lot of the time, people will only talk about you when they have bad things to say. It’s simply human nature. Think of the last time you went out of your way to leave a nice review!

But by having a strong brand, you can take control of that talk and turn it into something positive.

You do this by not only putting out your own message but also by engaging people and encouraging those who were happy with your service to talk about you.

This leads us into our next point …

A brand turns you from a faceless entity to a relatable presence.

The reason that most people don’t talk about a company unless they have something bad to say is simple: they don’t relate to the company.

A company that simply provides a service is seen as little more than a machine by most consumers of today. They don’t really consider that their positive reviews can have an effect on it because of that.

When you have a strong brand presence, however, that changes. Suddenly, you aren’t just a machine. You’re almost like a friend — you have personality. And that makes you relatable to consumers.

This makes them want to help you out.

If your brand is personable, they’ll treat you like a friend. And that means that they’ll be more willing to help you out by spreading the word about how much they like you.

It also makes them more likely to share your promotions on a practical level.

Brand voice lets you put a fun spin on what would otherwise be boring promotions. And that means more people will want to share them, especially on social media.

Small business branding lets you put a fun spin on things, making you more relatable to your potential audience.

You learn new things when developing your brand.

When you’re developing your brand, there are a lot of things you need to consider. You’ll need to ask yourself questions like:

  • How do I want to be seen by my audience?
  • What is my company’s mission?
  • What are our values?
  • What is our culture?
  • What do we pride ourselves on?
  • How did we start?
  • How have we changed over the years?
  • How do we approach work?
  • Do we focus on professional or fun?
  • Why are we in the business?
  • What do we want to leave our customers with?
  • If we could pick how our customers described us, what would we want them to say?

A lot of these questions are probably things that you’ve never even considered — at least not consciously. But knowing these things can drastically change the way you approach your work.

Suddenly, your business isn’t just about selling a product. There’s a deeper meaning — a mission for you to complete.

By developing your brand, you get to discover new things about your company, which could lead to you being more energized and invigorated.

By discovering your brand, you discover what your company really stands for. And that’s important, whether you’re a small business or a large one.

A small business brand makes you stand out.

This was stated in the definition at the beginning of the article, but it’s so important, we want to say it twice.

In today’s landscape, the noise is deafening. The typical user scrolls between 201 and 257 times per day — and that’s an estimate that’s based on switching from one page to another!

Most people do small, little scrolls as they go through social media. And as they do that, a boring or unmemorable post is likely to go right under their radar.

Think of how you scroll through Twitter or Instagram. What are the things that catch your eye the most?

Chances are they’re the visual, bright things. Or the interesting content. Either way, having a brand is key to having this be part of your strategy.

Part of small business branding is creating that visual content that sticks so well with potential consumers. Something as simple as having a logo can turn you from an ignorable company to an interesting one.

With today’s saturated landscape, you need all the help you can get when it comes to getting your voice heard.

Having a professional to help you craft the perfect brand is essential when it comes to navigating this landscape.

Branding gets results.

As you’re reading this, you might be thinking: all of this sounds great, but where’s the proof?

The truth is, most companies that do take the time to focus on the brand will see results that they never thought possible!

For example, our client PDX Pest Control wound up seeing a 378% lead when they used our services to help build up their small business branding!

And that isn’t all. If you listen to the testimonials from other small businesses, you’ll find time and time again that focusing on their branding gave them results that they didn’t even dream were possible.

It’s time for you to get those results, too.

No matter how much or how little you focus on branding, chances are good that you will see improved engagement and similar things.

But it takes a professional to turn that engagement into quantifiable results that lead to more business for you.

That’s why, when you work on your small business branding, it’s important that you don’t try doing it on your own. Some of the first steps — like figuring out your mission — can be done alone, but at the end of they day, you’re going to want a professional to help you develop it.

Branding is easier and more affordable than ever.

Back in the day, branding was more of a hassle.

It involved a lot of back and forth with media. A lot of money spent on television commercials, and a lot of work to try and get the data back that helped you to make your plan better.

These days, social media has completely shaken up the landscape.

Getting your message out there — and getting feedback on the effectiveness of your message — is easier than ever.

With social media, you get to entirely cut out the middle man and connect with your audience on a personal, one-on-one level.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility.

If you’re not the best communicator, this direct line might seem a bit frightening. But if you hire a professional, we’ll be sure to help you craft your message and make it perfect.

Small business branding lets you connect in a world where everyone’s connected.

There really isn’t enough that we can say about what a great time this is for brand marketing. The industry is seeing new and exciting changes that make it easier for brands to connect every day.

Come be part of those changes. Work on your branding now.

Interested in small business branding?

You’ve heard us talk about small business branding. Now it’s time to start.

A great way to get your brand out there is through Facebook Ads. These days, you really do have to pay if you want to get anything out of Facebook.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out with them. We’ll help you put out the perfect Facebook ad that will help all the hard work you’ve done get out there.

If you’re interested in our services, we’d love to talk to you. Come schedule an appointment with us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Here’s How Google Reviews Can Affect Your SEO

You may not know it, but reviews are important to your business.

That doesn’t mean you should rely on any old review website though! Embrace Google reviews– they are much more important than you may realize!

Here’s why.

Importance of Customer Reviews

Why are reviews so important?

Well, 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews and 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

That’s a lot of influence that is being neglected if you’re not taking advantage of reviews!

In fact, here are 5 distinct benefits that reviews are known to provide to your SEO:

1. Provide search engines with new and relevant content

Sometimes it’s difficult to regularly develop new content but search engines want you to be active. That’s where consumer generated media comes in.

Consumer generated media can power your social media channels and website with real content. This content will show that your site is active and valuable to customers.

Plus, it helps to get your customers talking to each other.

2. It naturally shapes basic SEO attributes

Keywords, internal links, backlinks, and more are the basic attributes of optimizing your website for search engines. Reviews work in a way that builds links and keywords that will shape your SEO, without requiring your time or effort.

3. Help your site rank for long-tail keywords naturally

Long-tail keywords are phrases that don’t have too much search competition. The lack of competition allows for your site to rank higher on searches that utilize these phrases, therefore making them perfect for SEO.

Using reviews, you can find the perfect phrases. Just look through the reviews and find how customers are wording their concerns. These phrases can then be used as keywords for on-site optimization!

Plus, this will also help improve your brand messaging, allowing you to use words that customers want to hear and use themselves.

4. Boosts social SEO

SMO, or social media optimization, deals specifically with social sites.

Reviews often come in the form of social shares, likes, commenting, or threads. These will all point back towards your brand which will then result in a boost in your SMO!

5. Great for automatic and manual optimization

Automatic search engines use algorithms that look for customer reviews and testimonials to evaluate your website’s reputation.

Search quality raters will manually evaluate your site’s reputation. This is done by looking for authority, truth, and expertise throughout the site. All these attributes can be found in customer reviews.

Either way, getting some customer reviews will help your reputation!

 6. Click-Through-Rate

Reviews and ratings will give your ads a 17% higher CTR.

That is an increase in traffic which can lead to an increase in conversations. And conversations/reviews, as we all know now, will help boost your SMO while providing search engines with the new content they desire.

And if those benefits weren’t enough, you should also know that 10% of traffic is credited to reviews– that’s insane!

How Google Reviews are Different

Alright so we went over why reviews are so important, but why Google reviews?

Well, Google reviews will not only do everything mentioned above, but they will also provide you with benefits you would never think of!

Searches: Unlike other review sites, Google reviews will appear directly on Google searches. This helps customers make decisions before even going to your website!

Finding you: It is much more likely for customers, both established and potential, to find you with reviews displayed in the search results.

Customer Engagement: Keeping your customers engaged is crucial for customer retention. This is easily done with Google reviews. Plus, anytime your customers engage, you get an opportunity to interact with them as well!

Credibility: With Google reviews, remaining anonymous is difficult since you must have a Google+ account to review. This aspect allows for more reliable and trustworthy reviews for both you and your customers!

Google Maps: By utilizing Google reviews, you are putting your business and its reputation on the map, literally. Google Maps puts reviews and ratings right next to the businesses they are showing!

Consider how many people are “Googling” per day, per minute! Keep that staggering number in mind when you think of how these people will be better exposed to your business through the use of Google reviews.

Utilizing reviews, ratings, and feedback, “Googling” provides users with businesses who are most likely to fit their needs — and that should be you!

Negative Reviews

Alright, so reviews are great. But what happens when you get a negative review?

In fact, contrary to popular belief, negative reviews will not penalize you, especially if they are Google reviews. Google has manual reviewers in place who are taught to look at the bigger picture with negative reviews. They are sure to read each negative review and consider the positives and negatives of your business.

The negative review will even help the reviewers delve deeper into your business, gaining an understanding of your overall reputation which will then allow for a more appropriate and natural rating.

Still freaking out?

Here are some things you can do when you get a negative review:

  • Don’t respond until your calm. Take a deep breath. One bad review will not kill your business. However, it is a great opportunity for you to improve! After all, no one is perfect.
  • Is there a basis for the complaint? Look into the situation. Did the customer have a legitimate reason for their complaint, or were they just in a bad mood that day?
  • Contact reviewer offline: Try to contact the reviewer offline and get their side of the story. Maybe they’ll even reveal to you that it was just a bad day. Perhaps you’ll find a legitimate problem with your service that you didn’t realize before.
  • Respond!!! After you have calmed down, looked into the situation mentioned, and drafted a response, RESPOND! 95% unhappy customers return if issue dealt with effectively and quickly. It would be a shame to let the unhappy customer get away simply because you’re too stubborn to try and help.

Getting More Reviews

Stuck on how to get more reviews from your customers? Here are more tips to bookmark:

  1. Ask: Asking directly may be old-school, but it’s still effective! Send your customers a quick email asking for them to review the service/goods. But, try not to resort to bulk solicitation, it is not as reliable as you would think.
  2. Logo Decals: Entice your customers to review on other sites by having different review site decals on your website. Not only does it grab their attention, but it’s also a huge convenience.
  3. Create handout flyers: You know how receipts will have a survey for customers to answer? Same idea. Hand out some flyers that will both promote your site and entice some reviews.
  4. Small poster: Another old-school trick, create a poster advertising your site, service/goods, and where customers can go to write reviews.

Improving Review Signals

Review signals are based on the review quantity, quality, velocity, diversity, and more. These signals are put at the 5th spot for most important local search ranking factors, according to Moz.

Google Verification

To improve your review signals, make sure your business is Google-verified. The process for verification is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Google My Business page
  2. Register your address
  3. Complete your profile: here you will also need to associate your business with any keywords or geographical locations you desire
  4. Complete verification manually or by phone: if you choose to be verified manually, Google will send you a postcard with a PIN number on it. If you choose to verify via phone, you will receive a message or phone call with a PIN number. Either way, the PIN number will verify your business.

Respond to reviews

Responding will help your customers engage with you and each other. This will allow for more reviews to be made which will help your site gain a greater online prominence (one of the 3 influential factors for Google local search ratings).

The drive for engagement will help create more fresh content on your site, allowing for better SEO which will allow more people to find you.

When responding to your reviewers, try to engage via caring and intellectual information. These types of responses will benefit your business and resonate with your audience. The responses will allow potential customers to see your business in a beneficial light, especially since these reviews and responses will be available in the search engine.

Another recommendation for responding to reviews is to craft your responses keeping in mind strategic keywords that will highlight the products and/or services you offer. Think about how customers will search for these services and products. Utilize those phrasings to increase reputation and gain customers.


Reviews are essential to your business’s success and growth! If you are going to be looking into reviews, check out Google reviews. Google has provided various methods that will help your business thrive!

Looking for more business help?

Check out our site. We can help with advertising, SEO, and many other services to help grow your business!

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Is It Time for You to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Do you know the key to a successful business?

It’s the difference between knowing when to do certain work your own and when to outsource that work.

Running a business involves a million different things. As an entrepreneur, it’s common to take pride in your work and your ability to put on multiple hats.

However, trying to do everything by yourself takes lots of time. And time is money. It’s a currency that business owners understand and value more than anyone.

So when it comes to marketing, consider hiring a virtual marketing assistant. In fact, virtual employees, such as contractors and long-term freelancers, take up 30% to 45% of the US workforce.

You’ve probably come across similar terms, including telecommuting, remote work, work from home, or location-independent worker.

The future is moving toward virtual, online works that can be done from remote locations. A virtual marketing assistant can help you accomplish more than you’ve expected.

Let’s dive deeper and find out about virtual marketing assistant and why it’s time for you to hire one.

What is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

By definition, a virtual marketing assistant is often a self-employed person who works online. They are responsible for a list of specific marketing tasks delegated by a particular client.

They can have multiple clients at a time. But they split their time up to make sure each client’s needs are fulfilled or certain deadlines are met.

Due to resource scarcity, part-time virtual marketing assistants are ideal for new businesses or startups.

You can hire a virtual marketing assistant whenever you need help with projects that don’t quite fit your skills and experience.

Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Marketing Assistant

1. Higher Productivity

What determines the productivity of your business is whether or not you’re willing to forgo certain marketing tasks that would take you hours and days to work on and hand them over to a virtual marketing assistant.

Doing the non-essential works that you have no interest is just a waste of time. Focus your time and energy on something that you are good at and create values.

Leave certain marketing tasks to your virtual marketing assistants. For instance, if you’re a great content strategist, but not a great writer, hire someone to write your blog posts. If research is not your thing, get your virtual assistant to help you accomplish the task.

Steve Pavlina, a personal development coach, states that typical office workers only spend about 90 minutes of real work per day. They spend a great amount of time on non-work related activities, such as coffee breaks, kitchen talks, water cooler chats, and well… lots of cat videos.

On the other hand, when you hire a virtual marketing assistant, you’re paying them according to the hours or a deadline. This is cost-saving and more productive than hiring a regular, 9-to-5 employee.

2. More Flexibility

Things move incredibly fast when running your own startup. Changes happen within the course of a day. Hence, flexibility is crucial in enabling your business to quickly adapt and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Usually, there’s no contract involved when working with a virtual marketing assistant. If you’re not pleased with their work, replacement is easy and simple.

As your business goes through peaks or troughs, it’s easy to adjust the need for a virtual assistant.

3. Cost Effective

Since virtual marketing assistants often work on a part-time basis, you can save a lot of money. Some companies in the United States have saved nearly $1,900 per employee by letting their workers work from home.

Regular, full-time salaried employees add up a lot of costs for your business. Not to mention, there are other fixed expenses such as office rental fees, equipment, electricity, and maintenance fees.

With a virtual marketing assistant, you pay them by the hours or by the project. There are no insurance or paid benefits involved. If you hire virtual assistants outside of the US (i.e. in the far East), the cost of labor is significantly lower.

4. Improved Work Quality

Don’t think that virtual marketing assistants only know how to schedule Twitter and Facebook updates or draft email newsletters.

Nowadays you can find skillful, experienced remote workers in each and every field, not just marketing. For example, accounting, human resources, web development, and translation.

5. World Class Talent

Once upon a time, if a business operates in Chicago, you can only have access to talents within Chicago.

However, thanks to technologies, hiring someone is no longer dictated by geography. Today, businesses that are open for remote work opportunities can have direct access to world-class talent.

Your virtual marketing assistant can live half way across the world and still get the job done in a timely and effective manner.

6. 24/7 Support

The beauty of working across borders and timezones is that you can always find a virtual assistant who’s available, on-demand.

There’s really no concept of official or non-working holidays when it comes to remote work. One nation’s holiday is just another nation’s normal day at work.

You can even hire a second virtual marketing assistant for backup and extra support.

7. Focus On Core Operations

When you have someone taking care of the mundane tasks, you can focus on doing works that have a direct impact on your business.

In other words, you get to spend your energy and effort on areas of your expertise. This is much more fun and efficient. It’s also sustainable to drive your business forward.

8. Scalability

A common problem when a business grows is scalability. Without properly scaling your operations, your business will be more likely to be at risk.

One of the key benefits of hiring virtual marketing assistants is the ability to accommodate an increasing volume of work without breaking the bank.

With virtual assistants, you can easily handle the business expansion and control the expenses at the same time.

9. Better Life

We all know that being an entrepreneur equals a busy life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make that life better and more balanced.

There’s no need to worry about every little detail now that you have a virtual marketing assistant taking care of it. You’re hiring a helping hand — someone who helps relieve your stress, not intensify it.

With lighter workload, you can go out and have some fun on with your beloved ones. Enjoy and appreciate life no matter how busy you’re. And remember, work smarter, not harder.

Tips for Hiring A Virtual Marketing Assistant

Now that you’re ready to bring a virtual marketing assistant on board, there are a few things you should keep in mind during the hiring process.

You get what you pay for

Settle for a fair hourly rate. It’s easy to get caught up in the lower side of the pay scale, but don’t aim too low. Otherwise, you might attract only poor applicants.

Be as specific as possible

You’re not working in an office, where you can just go to someone’s desk and discuss some work details. When working remotely, never assume.

The more specific, you’re the better. Clearly, define your expectations. Spell out everything. This will save you a lot of time and prevent future miscommunications.

Avoid Micromanaging

Micromanaging is a common mistake when it comes to working with virtual assistants. This is not only impractical but also time-inefficient. How can you really check on someone who is halfway across the globe?

Instead, set up deliverables and ask for monthly or weekly reports. Depending on the scope of your project, the frequency of communications might vary.

Remember all that matters is the final results.

Start small

Build up the workload gradually. No matter how great a virtual marketing assistant is, the first project should be small. Once they’ve proven their capabilities, you can start handing over heavier, more demanding projects.

If your assistant shows great, consistent performance over a long period of time, you can consider making them a core member of your business.

Open communications

Maintain an open line of communication. This is not only for regular reports. Consider this a chance to get to know your virtual marketing assistants.

Give them opportunities to ask questions, send feedback, and discuss any concerns about the work. The same goes for you — communication is a two-way street.

Show them respect. Whenever possible, show your appreciation for their work. This will help strengthen the relationship and inspire loyalty.

The Bottom Line

With these wonderful benefits, it’s no wonder why more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are willing to use the services of a virtual marketing assistant.

Your time is limited. So spend it wisely. A virtual marketing assistant can free up your time, let you focus on what you do best, and ultimately drive your business forwards.

Looking for useful, insider’s tips on creating Facebook Ad campaigns that show desirable results? We’re happy to help! Schedule a time to chat now.

Long shadow tooltip with the text SEO

The 11 Best WordPress Blogger SEO Tips You Should Know

The Importance of SEO

SEO is the process of getting more traffic to websites through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

The goal is to have your website appear highest up on a search engine’s page. You will increase the volume of traffic as well as draw in more customers.

SEO aims to target particular searches in images, videos, and quality content.

Sounds boring, huh?

The more you understand about the dull stuff, the better your chances of success. After all, SEO is not rocket science. You will need to understand the process before you can master it.

WordPress is also a very simple and SEO friendly CMS. It allows bloggers with an unlimited amount of optimization potential. But you will have to do a lot more than post a couple of blogs a day.

SEO is always changing, though many people argue that it’s dead. People aren’t always making organic searches like we did in the past. Google has become the place to search using natural conversation such as, “How do I..?” etc.

This is why unique approaches are often necessary. WordPress isn’t at the optimization level that it needs to be. You will have to use your blogger seo tips and promote the odds of organic searches.

There are a lot of places that you can get traffic to your website. A few ways are through social media, online forums, email lists, YouTube, or referrals from other bloggers.

Search engine optimization is the most successful way for you to build traffic. People use Google more than most other websites. The most popular searches revolve around:

  • More information
  • Solving problems
  • Researching/buying products

SEO is a great opportunity for you to drive traffic and customers to your WordPress website.

1. Understand Keywords

To have a successful SEO strategy for your WordPress website means to have successful keywords.

Before writing a post on your blog, it pays off to see what kinds of keywords you can have and what words stand out to you.

When creating original content, it’s always best for you to include words that come to mind. It also helps to consider the words that other people will be searching for.

The easiest way to do keyword research is by using free tools that can help you along the way. Once you get the hang of that, it’ll feel easier every time!

Google Keyword Planner is an insightful source. It lets you know what words and phrases people are actually searching. It also tells you how often per month they are being searched.

Disclaimer: these numbers are not always as accurate as Google might lead you to believe. They are still one of the best ideas you can get to figure out how to build traffic.

To use it, you input ideas you have about what you’d like to write about. Next, Google will show you various keywords that are being searched for. Voilà!

2. Take Keywords One Step Further

There is a difference between commercial intent and buyer keywords. One will boost your traffic and the other will do that PLUS make you money.

The focal point here is that to make money through search engine traffic you want to be strategic. Use words that people are using when they are looking to buy something.

These are not keywords used for fun or for fact finding etc.

The average way to write a title for a post: “How to Get Traffic to Your Website”

The better way to write a title for a post: “The Best SEO Tips to Help Maximize Your Online Traffic”

Here you are assuming that “SEO Tips” is what will have the most traffic. The better title allows you to actually sell to people who are looking for tips to help solve their problem.

Try not to write too many posts selling things so you can avoid losing your audience. But if you are aiming to sell on WordPress, make sure you have the right keywords.

3. Produce Quality Content

Content marketing is different than SEO but the two compliment each other very well. Creating quality is key to showing up on Google’s searches.

To gain more traffic, you must do more than write more content, write more often or write about anything.

You need to create content that matters. Content that people will want to bookmark, link and share.

Google NEEDS Quality

In the SEO world, quality content is also important because of how Google will be measuring it. Websites with poor quality pages and articles are slowly disappearing from Google. Your content won’t rate as high if you aren’t careful.

Control the length of your content. Make use of linking your content. Add quality multimedia to posts. Get people to stay on your WordPress site for longer.

Keep these factors in mind when creating content for your website. These will all make the difference to your SEO.

4. Create Optimized Meta Titles and Descriptions

In WordPress, plugins are your friends. And the Yoast SEO Plugin is your best friend.

The Yoast SEO plugin is a tool that helps you write titles and descriptions for your blog posts. It also focuses on a keyword by linking back to your keyword’s appearance. That includes how it appears in the page title, article heading, URL etc.

Yoast has frequent updates based on the latest SEO standards. Keeping up with Google’s changes as well.

In order for Yoast to work, you will need to work through each optimization section for every blog you post.

5. Install a Caching Plugin

Caching plugins gathers everything on a webpage and puts them in a temporary storage section of your hard drive (or cache).

This simple plugin installation can enable your site to load much quicker. Each time your reader visits they will appreciate how easy your site is to navigate.

6. Use ‘Rich Snippets’

Rich snippets helps Google results make more sense to users.

We’ve all seen rich snippets before. They appear as a short, meaningful paragraph describing an article. They’re usually in the SERPs (search engine results page).

These extra features boosts SEO and allows your content to appear more interesting and clickable than the other results.

You can install rich snippets plugins to make things simpler. That way you can manage how it’s used for articles, videos, events etc.

7. Share Competitor’s Links

Having link-backs is a very important blogger seo tip.

You can find out who is linking to your competitor then build a strategy on how you can get them to link back to your site.

This can be as simple as approaching them directly for a collaboration. You could share a guest post or a useful article that they can link back to you.

Building this relationship benefits your WordPress site and the traffic towards it.

8. Get Rid of SPAM

When spam shows up in your comment sections of WordPress, it happens automatically. If you aren’t careful, inappropriate websites can sneak onto your blog posts with piles of comments.

This is not something that you want search engines to notice.

Another solid plugin is Akismet. It is a highly-ranked comment blocker and will get rid of all bad comments. It’s also free for personal blogs.

Akismet will check all comments, pick up on spam, and report on comments with bad links. You can also browse the comments Akismet catches and delete anything you don’t want there.

9. Utilize Social media

Sharing your posts increases traffic, builds leads and drives sales. You don’t even need to promote yourself anymore – there are plugins to do it for you!

Gaining social shares is big for SEO and something you don’t want to neglect.

Install social sharing icons to your WordPress site with the Social Media Share Buttons Plugin. SumoMe will also make this very easy to accomplish.

Having social sharing buttons at the end of every post makes your content easier to share. Readers can automatically share content and encourages more external links.

10. Check Stats with Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, you can follow the changes in traffic and popular posts to get a one-up on competition.

You should also find ways to make your content more appealing to readers. Fix any broken links you have. Update information on your website when necessary.

11. Go Above & Beyond SEO

While there are plenty of other blogger seo tips to consider. With so much information out there on SEO, it’s great to have the best tips highlighted.

As previously mentioned, SEO is changing. The use of search engines is changing. And the way keywords are being used is changing as well.

Keywords are still one of the most important things for your WordPress site. But you should also remain focused on the research perspective of your content. Drive readers to NEED your blog.

Focus on the topics you want and how you can optimize the user experience than keywords. This will help you plan your content and make things like lead generation much easier.

In the end, whatever you decide to do with on page SEO, you have to make sure that the user experience is your main focus. The rest is history.